Shotgun Mistress has only been around for just under two years, yet they have already made an impressive impact, with a recent track Save Me from Myself, bulleting to No1. on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts and smashing into the Top 40 chart, and their last single Glorious Machine, achieving similar chart placings and attracting plenty of streaming playlist action.

They’ve just released another single, Collide, a blistering slice of raw rock with a fascinating lyric and some memorable melodic moments. The song starts with yet another intense guitar riff, which not only reveals the band’s high level of musical expertise, a line-up that features Matt Wilcock, who appears on the list of the 100 greatest metal guitarists of all time but sets the pace for the rhythmic feel. Enter the rhythm section thumps before the track becomes a fully fleshed hard rock affair. The song continues with a low vocal register in the verses once again revealing the dynamic range of Glenn Patrick’s technical prowess.

What is noticeable with the last few Shotgun’s releases is this ability to efficiently blend a full rock aesthetic to moments of melodic vigour, imbuing every track with subtle decoys while maintaining depth with the overall style, which includes the production, which is as meaty clean as you’d want a rock record to be. The lyrics once again involve the roaming about through the minefields of emotion, sweetened and soured relationships, disconnectedness and assimilation. As the chorus reveals: ‘Retrace what I’ve laid to waste, every step I’d take / Since you came and let our worlds collide’.

As the band says about their creative process, ‘Musicians make music that they enjoy, songs that they like, we don’t put in the work for any rewards other than the personal satisfaction of creating something that we enjoy. Anything further that an artist receives is a bonus, we’ll just go with the creative flow and see what happens’.

Collide is sure to help continue the expansion of Shotgun Mistress’ legion of followers, firmly establishing this band’s presence on the Australian hard rock scene.

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