Spotlight on producers Nathan Falk and Trent Dawson Aka Birrang Miil

Spotlight on producers Nathan Falk and Trent Dawson Aka Birrang Miil

DJs Birrang Mill is a traditional name from the Wiradjuri tribe of Australia. The name was given to the creative expression of two brothers, telling stories of the land and stars with meaningful journeys through sound. On Australia Day we can see Birrang Mill perform at The Gathering Feelgood Festival at Gold Coast Country Parklands.

Q. Tell us a bit about Birrang Mill how did it all start?

We started with our own projects Beatrix and Soundwave, but soon come together to share this journey. We are here to connect to the land with in the dreamtime, expressing this through music. This is where we are as Birrang Miil

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from? and are there any artists in particular that have influenced you over the years?

We get our inspiration from the past the present and the now, this being mother earth. Artists who have influenced us would be anyone making intelligent uplifting music.

Q Who are you listening to at the moment?

One tasty Morsel
Martin Vice
Morten Granau

Q. Who would you most want to collaborate on music with?

The traditional owners of this land, to collaborate our music with the stories of the dreamtime, this land and culture. We will be working very closely with Desert Pea Media and other mobs to create our vision to share with others.

Q. What can the crowds at The Gathering Feelgood Festival expect from Birrang Mill?
The crowds at The Gathering Feel Good Festival will experience a uplifting journey with an array of techno inspired percussion’s and native rhythms, get ready to put your feet on the ground and go walkabout.

Q . What has been your most memorable or amazing moment you’ve experienced as an artist?
Seeing the happiness and love that music brings to the people on the dance floor.

Q. What’s next for Birrang Mill in 2017

We are unearthing our vision to create a dance troop, to show our stories and journeys within the music. Each song will have its own expression of the dreaming, acted out in song and dance. We want to involve mob from across Australia young and old to share this experience. We would like to help close the gap in our own way.

Q Is there anything you really like to put on the bucket list this year

Reconciliation, closing the gap, awareness of what is really happening to the traditional owners of this land. One Mob – A Journey Another Place – Birrang Mill

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  1. Zeb on January 24, 2017

    I am very impressed and appreciative to be able to read some quality, open, loving journalism. Big up’s

    • Caroline Russo Author on January 24, 2017

      Thank you Zeb very nice of you and what lovely guys to interview.