Q & A with Emma Dykes: Singer and Songwriter of latest single ‘This Nurse’

Singer and songwriter Emma Dykes has released her new single ‘This Nurse’. As a registered nurse Emma Dykes knows the ups and downs of what a day at work can be and has put her experience into song.‘This Nurse’ was recorded in Sydney at Love Hz Studio, produced with Matt Fell and is on her highly anticipated album ‘The riddle of Life’. ‘This Nurse’ by Emma Dykes is not only an anthem for nurses world wide, but a beautiful track bound to make you smile.

Is the song dedicated to anyone in particular?

No, This Nurse is not specifically dedicated to any one person. It is a dedication to all of the Nurses and Midwives and anyone who loves, lives with or cares about a nurse. It is an anthem for anyone who knows what it means to be a nurse.

The song has elements of humour all through it, do you yourself as a nurse adopt the mentality of if you’re not laughing your crying?

Yes. I think a lot of the emergency and essential services can relate to having a sense of humour at times that it may seem a little inappropriate to others. There are plenty of times when a sense of humour is nowhere to be found in a nursing career, some things just can’t be laughed off. Other times however laughing can be the best medicine, for both patients and nurses. Maybe it is just that there is a smell that needs to be laughed at rather than cursed, or a cranky patient that later can be found amusing rather than disliked.

How was your experience with Matt Fell at Love Hz Studio? Have you recorded there before?

Working with Matt Fell was a special experience. He has worked with some of the best in the business so it was quite a privilege. Standing in Love Hz was very nostalgic. Using the same vocal booth that so many singers have used previously, many of which I have idolised since I was a kid. Nashville was a bonus to that experience that I am so grateful for. I was given two return tickets as a ‘mystery box’ payment for a gig I did a few years ago in Inverell. I expected maybe a box of chocolates and flowers or something, definitely nothing as monumental as tickets that would take me to record in Music City!

Collectively what is your album The Riddle of Life centred around?

I think the best way to sum up the album is to say that it is all about silver linings. Finding the brighter side of darker moments in life. Some of the stories that evoked the songs on this album are quite sad. The songs themselves however are based more around the lessons learned from those moments. It is 11 steps towards solving the riddle of life.

What was the recording process like? Was it emotional for you?

Recording The Riddle of Life album was definitely an emotional experience. Some beautiful emotions and some quite sad. There were so many different experiences and feelings that went into the songs that were written over a 3-year period to create this album, so it was bound to be a rollercoaster to record.
This Nurse was one of the more fun tracks to record. I kept picturing singing it with some of my colleagues and laughing together when it had ended. It is a touch of the cheekier side of the nurse’s personality.

Was ‘This Nurse’ intentionally released during the current global pandemic?

No it wasn’t. It was planned as the next single to release off the album and was in the pipeline at least since the release of the last single ‘All I’m Gunna Get’. It just happened to land right in the middle of this global pandemic. I am glad that it did as it is something I would like to feel I can share with the nurses that are working frontline at the moment. I have been off having a baby so am grateful that I am not working in this period. I really feel for all of those that are.

Do you think the song ‘This Nurse’ is relevant to nurses today who are battling COVID-19?

It is definitely relevant. Even just the line ‘every shift is different, you don’t know what you’ll get’. The uncertainty of Covid19 is very scary and potentially every patient that walks in could turn out to be someone who has been exposed. Hopefully This Nurse can be a bit of a wind down for the nurses working at the moment to sing along to in the car on the way home. Shake the day off with the ukuleles and picture being on a tropical island with a cocktail on their next days off.

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