Peter Cupples is regarded one of the best vocalist and singing artist that begin his career in the mid seventies. The band that is remembered as one of the greats was Stylus which had hits in the charts always. Peter musical journey is truly amazing, and he has had one very impressive career in this industry and carries a very unique voice and is great to watch on stage and see him perform.

We spoke with Peter on the fact that he has a new album coming out Observations. This is one very personal album at this moment in his life, that has messages of all aspects of life.

Peter has started a possible campaign in which he aims to raise money for making of a film clips and hopes to raise some awareness as to the subjects which we cover in the QA but you find more info on to the link we have here.

We aim to get behind this project with Peter and hope you will share his campaign and help the process to him reaching his goal. The albums will be dedicated to two people who had a profound influence on his life and career. His brother, Terry, who gave him a great start, and who remained a guiding force up until his passing late last year. And to my long-time friend and often times mentor, Jon English who was also like a brother to Peter.

1. What made you want to first want to become a singer songwriter and what age did you begin to sing or learn instruments that lead you to become part of one of the very successful band in the 70s Stylus?

: I grew up in a musical family, both parents played, from the age of about 7 I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I joined my brother Terry’s band at the age of 12, played around Gippsland for a few years before moving to Melbourne, and the rest is history.

2. Looking back at the time with how things were done then with recording labels and the fact you had some great hit songs, what was the most outstanding time for you and would you have changed anything that might of been a different course all together?

: the 70’s was a great time, the music industry in Australia was vibrant and exciting, lots of new bands creating new music, and the industry was getting behind it, radio were keen to plan new music, and then there was Countdown and Sounds unlimited, two great show’s for promoting our bands and our music, a good time to be alive, vastly different now, record companies, radio and television are nearly no existent, or at least as relevant now.

3. How many albums have you recored or been part of and what was your favourite one if you had to choose?

I’ve recorded around 15 albums, my favourite stylus album, ‘Best Kept Secret’ and my favourite solo album, apart for my latest is ‘Changes’

4. You have a new album “Observations” coming out at the end of the month. This is a whole snapshot of creative pahases and messages that motions you in this album. How long have you been working on it?

: most of the song are resent, written within the past 18 months, it’s a snap shot of now.

5. There is one song that you have on the album that you wrote a song 20 years “The Day the Devil Came” You wrote this as to knowing someone that was killed in Port Arthur shootings. The lyrics are moving that honours how a son and mum lost his father and her husband and heroism. Tell us more about this and its effects it has on you still?

: I was in Hobart the day before performing a Moorilla estate, it was there I met Jason Winter, he was the wine maker, I’d spent the day with him and he invited me to Port Arthur the next day with him and his family, so only by chance I wasn’t there, I wrote the song not long after the tragedy, I guess it was like therapy for me, I never planned to release it, until now, I wrote it through the eyes of Mitchell, Jason’s son.

6. You have a crowd funding project to help you raise money on developing film clip for the Port Arthur shootings, and there is another song you have written that is on bullying. The song you wrote here Someone to believe in me. Tell us about this song and were you ever in the circles of bullying?

: Yes I was bullied by the head master and my secondary school, verbally and physically, the fact that some people derive power and pleasure from belittling others is a very sad state of affairs.

7. In writing how can you best describe what it takes you to fill full this and as this new album?

: On this album there are songs that talk about many issues , homelessness, the refugee crisis, human nature, inspiration, gratitude, love and hope.

8. With over 40 years in entertainment you worked with some great names and toured a lot of places, can you share who made the most impact on you that you shared the stage with or even meet that gave you influence.?

: yes there have been so many, I sat with James Taylor in a bar in Melbourne one night, that was very special, opening for Frank Sinatra, was pretty spesh, sitting around a piano singing with George Benson another great moments, and sitting around a table with Stevie Wonder just listening to him talk and sing was quite surreal.

9. What is the best advise you can give as a musician and writer to be in the entertainment world now?

: I guess I got into it for love not money, so I think if you follow your heart you’ll be ok, never take yourself to serious, and respect you fans, as they are the ones that will ultimately decide how long you’ll last and how far you’ll go.

10. Who would you choose as your top 5 music artist in the world whom you could perform with?
: Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Sting, Michael McDonald, Richard Page (mistamista)

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  1. Michael Reid on November 4, 2016

    Would love to now if there is a full recording that fans can get of Peter Cupples and Jon English in Stanthorpe Queensland.They both sounded fantastic.It just goes to show that great artists dont need a full backing bad to sound great.Would love to Hear Peter singing some of Jon Englishes songs.Sad Jon isnt here with us today