Spotlight QA With Rising Talent Leea Nanos

Leea Nanos is a talented young artist who has seen a lot of success recently, having been chosen to be a contestant on the SBS program ‘Eurovision: Australia Decides’ performing her beautifully personal single ‘Set Me Free’. We have spotlighted her this month.

1. How did you get your start?
I always loved music growing up and I felt like I was meant to take it seriously. I started writing and singing when I was 11 years old after I quit dancing. I then did singing lessons and fell in love with it so much and found my purpose in life. I have entered in many competitions, performed on lots of stages, and at many important events for high profile performers and I have enjoyed every single minute of it, I haven’t turned back since. I sing and write every day. I wake up thinking about it and at the end of the day I feel complete.

2. You sing and perform with such passion and life. Where do you pull that energy from?
When I’m on the stage I feel I am at home. It’s where I’m most comfortable and happy, it’s where my heart is. So I get that energy from my excitement. I also feel like a different person when performing so it brings out this other side to me. I love to give to the audience and have the audience feel my singing and my music.

3. How did it feel performing at ‘Eurovision Australia Decides’?
Performing at Eurovision Australia Decides felt like I was in a movie. It didn’t feel real, I thought I was Hannah Montana haha. To be on that stage and have a crowd who was electric was incredible. I asked my Mum in the morning to pinch me because I couldn’t believe my dream became a reality. I wish I could perform there all over again, it was a moment I will never forget and I am so blessed.

4. For someone so young you’ve achieved a lot. What is your next big goal?
My next big goal is to go international, I’ve always loved America and UK and want to pursue music there. New music is 100% on it’s way and an EP or album in the future would be amazing. But overall my main goal and dream is to be able to wake up everyday and do what I love which is music as a job.

5. What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
My highlight of my career is 100% Eurovision Australia Decides, I’ve been very blessed to perform at massive events with incredible artists but Eurovision changed my life. To be among artists I’ve inspired to growing up was incredible. Writing Set Me Free and submitting the song was the beginning of my career.

6. What events in your life have had an impact on your music?
My uncle a few years ago passed away and he loved music. He was the only one in my family who was musical so I sing for him. Starting high school I got to have a new start from primary school as I didn’t have the best time there and I realized music was my passion.

7. What has been the best advice given to you?
To know that everything happens for a reason, to be yourself and unique. Once I stopped trying to make music that wasn’t me, the doors began to open like Eurovision. To keep following your dreams, no matter what and to never give up.

8. How long did it take to make ‘Set Me Free’?
I wrote Set Me Free when I was 15 years old with a friend of mine Frank Dixon. I then produced the track which took two full days in the studio and the process took about 3 months all up.

9. When can your listeners expect to hear more from you?
Very soon. I’ve been in the studio a lot writing and creating more music. 100% this year lots of new singles will be out.

10. How do you balance the various parts of your life while writing music?
I balance it by staying positive and organizing good time management. I always try to have a positive mindset which gets me through the stressful times. I also try my best to have downtime as rest is extremely important. I am in my final year of High School, Year 12 and balancing everything can be very challenging but at the same time rewarding. I set myself tasks and goals and love the challenge to achieve them.

Compiled by Hush Hush Biz reporter Edmund Bleakley

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