Australia’s unrivalled home of original productions, today announced that the feature-length Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Reefshot, will premiere on World Environment Day, June 5, only on Stan.

Venture below the surface in Reefshot to witness a community fighting to protect the world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef, for future generations.
Follow Andy Ridley and a collective of conservationists, scientists, Traditional Owners and everyday citizens as they rally the public and utilise new methods for tackling environmental issues along the reef by blending Traditional Ecological Knowledge with modern science to survey and protect the Great Barrier Reef.
Visit the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and witness tropical habitats not yet seen before. Travel to remote, largely uncharted reefs that have been heavily impacted by climate change and catastrophic bleaching events.

Join Andy and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef as they conduct their third Great Reef Census, surveying over 500 reefs and documenting over 75,000 images since 2020. Experience how a revolution in conservation using technology and science is helping the conservation team fast-track coral growth and work towards eradicating the ‘supervillain’ and one of the biggest threats to coral – the Crown-of-thorns starfish.
For the first time, viewers will experience how this dedicated team of people from all over the world are working together to protect one of Earth’s most important icons.
Andy Ridley said: “The twin crises of climate change and nature loss threatens the reef’s health, and ultimately its survival. Revealed: Reefshot is all about the power of the citizen, whether on the Reef or on the other side of the world, being able to help achieve the scale necessary to address the vast conversation challenges ahead of us. The Great Barrier Reef is probably the greatest place on the planet to remind people what is at stake, and mobilise them to help.”

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Reefshot is directed by Matt Tomaszewski and produced by Chris Chard for CME. Executive produced by Michael Tear and Tom Abood, produced by Bettina Dalton and line produced by Eloise Clare for Wildbear Entertainment. Director of Photography by Joey McQuade, Underwater Director of Photography by Richard Fitzpatrick, and edited by Brennan Nurthen and Gretchen Peterson. Executive produced by Cailah Scobie and Amanda Duthie for Stan.

Revealed: Reefshot is the fourth title in Stan’s landmark documentary slate, following Amongst Us – Neo Nazi Australia, No Mercy, No Remorse and Trafficked. The Stan Original Documentaries have been created in collaboration with award-winning journalists, filmmakers and philanthropists from Australia and around the world, and cements Stan and the 9Network’s collaborative partnership.
The Great Reef Census is a people-powered conservation effort led by Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to survey the far reaches of the Great Barrier Reef, empowering everyday citizens, organisations and industry to collect and analyse tens of thousands of survey images from hundreds of reefs each year. A campaign to get tens of thousands of eyeballs from all over the world to look over nearly 80,000 images is now underway, uniting scientists, schools, tech partners, media companies, blue chip corporates and ordinary citizens to donate their screen time at
Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with Stan. Financed with support from Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. Production investment from Screen Queensland.
The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Reefshot will premiere June 5, only on Stan.

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