Susie Douglas’ kickstart revival of Surfers Paradise

Susie Douglas: candidate for Surfers Paradise Division 7 Gold Coast City Council

A familiar name on the Gold Coast, former councillor Susie Douglas is yet again in the running for the councillor for division 7, Surfers Paradise and surrounds.

In an interview with Susie, she was asked why this is a good time for her to come back into the Surfers Paradise area and why her experience in this role is a beneficial factor for her campaign.

She responded with her belief that she is the most experienced candidate to handle this role to represent the people of division 7 as she has the ability to juggle numerous projects at a time. Being a major tourist precinct, a major residential precinct and major events precinct, Susie is the candidate who would most be able to help rejuvenate the precinct.

“Because Surfers is the heart of the city it’s important to keep the heart at optimal health,” she says. With a background in nursing she has adapted to multi-tasking and making sure that really good outcomes occur. As she has previously delivered on numerous projects during her time as councillor in the past, Susie is excited about getting back in and delivering more to the people of Surfers Paradise.

“Surfers always needs constant attention and planning.”

Susie has outlined her vision on her policy highlighting her future plans for how she would like to see the city move:

On March the 19th 2016 the residents of Division 7 will be asked to choose a divisional councillor to represent them through to 2020. Division 7 is the “heart” of the Gold Coast. The rest of the city relies on the health of Surfers Paradise as a key business and recreational tourism hub. Candidate and former Divisional 7 councillor Susie Douglas believes that if Surfers Paradise is functioning at optimum levels then the rest of the city is also.

To bring the “Heart of the City” back to optimum health, Susie will make sure that the following plan is enacted.

Beach nourishment and erosion prevention measures. Enhanced cleaning of main swimming beaches with supervision of bathers and beach goers by a better funded lifeguard program. Put more of an emphasis on water safety in the rivers and canals as well as beaches. Protect the Spit, north of Sea World Nara from development. Invest in public recreational infrastructure that will enhance The Spit’s appeal. Ongoing funding for Federation Walk and dunal protection.

Safety for residents and tourists through a more extensive camera and CCTV network, liquor accords, anti-drug education initiatives, a full audit of suburban and inner city street lighting, better supervision at taxi ranks and night rider buses and the winding down of pub crawls in Surfers Paradise.

Environment. Aim to reduce waste to zero using the recycling of all plastics, glass metals and cardboard. Reduce cigarette butt litter that can damage our waterways through council led education campaigns. Have smoke free areas in Surfers Paradise, Cavill Mall. Encourage residents of division 7 to plant colourful subtropical native plants ready for the Commonwealth Games. Encourage residents to join in community plantings of trees.

Cultural and Sporting event planning. Oversee a calendar of events that keeps a constant stream of visitors coming to Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Evandale and The Spit. Make sure that all community groups have their special events supported. The Cultural Precinct plans be modified to retain the parklands at Evandale

Construction and development. Support the thorough assessment of all developments in Division 7 by nominating to be on the city planning committee. Cover all issues such as the prevention of wind tunnels, prevention of adverse shadowing on buildings and beaches and protection of all parkland and historical sites. Ensure that all developments provide enough car parking “off street” and proximity to schools and public transport. Provide connected footpaths and bikeways across the division. Make sure that all buildings have enough communal open space at ground or podium level. Oversee all construction management plans to reduce problems with neighbourhood amenity.

Cleanliness. Do a full review of the street and pavement cleaning of Surfers Paradise nightclub and tourist precinct. Identify hot spots such as on Chevron Island to reduce illegal dumping. Graffitti removal and neighbourhood watch to be key priorities.

Jobs not only in tourism and hospitality but also in science technology engineering and mathematics. This will be an incentive to keep our graduates from our leading universities here on the Gold Coast. Lobby hard for National Broadband and the submarine cable from Guam to bring the Gold Coast high speed broadband or an equivalent system. This will improve business confidence and could make us the Silicone Valley of the Southern Hemisphere. Promote business tourism through a joint initiative of all conference venues in and around Division 7.

Encourage families and neighbourhoods to become more connected. Neighbourhood and street “get togethers” that promote social inclusion. Enhance the use of the community facilities for activities. Encourage the ageing population to get out and about to keep fit and healthy.

Transport planning. Support the widening of Southport Burleigh Road and the right hand turn to Salerno Street for people travelling north to lessen the impact on Chevron Island. Support the extension of the GC Light Rail to the GC Airport. Plan for the widening of the bridges to Chevron to allow emergency vehicles to access the Island during heavy traffic. Support the building of the Oceanway where applicable. Support the public transport initiatives.

Be an active councillor always putting the needs of the constituents first and foremost.

To get behind Susie Douglas or to get in contact with her, follow the link to her Facebook page:

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  1. Bill Service on March 10, 2016

    Please advise if you support construction of another bridge across Nerang River from Benowa Rd to Carrara Rd, to reduce traffic congestion, such as occurs daily in Ross Street and Ashmore Rd, and the gridlock that occurred when the M1 was blocked by a truck smash recently.
    This would enhance public transport and cycling linkages and provide an additional crossing for emergency services