Technology and Design unite in spectacular fashion as Acer Australia announces ConceptD X GINGER & SMART

Acer Australia has today announced ConceptD X GINGER & SMART, a collaboration that demonstrates how technology and design can authentically collide, enabling creators to be creators in today’s world. As part of this partnership, leading Australian fashion house GINGER & SMART will be designing a limited-edition laptop bag on ConceptD, which will be available in 2022.
In a time that is driven by technology advancements, ConceptD is a fresh approach to computing that overcomes the barriers between people and technology and enables creators to unleash their full potential. It is not merely about making things different, but about setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground, something that resonates with GINGER & SMART founders, Alexandra and Genevieve Smart.
“The mutual synergies GINGER & SMART shares with Acer and the laser focus the ConceptD range has on our industry is what attracted us to this collaboration,” commented Alexandra Smart, Founder and Managing Director, GINGER & SMART.

“The focus of our brand is creating luxury designs for spirited women whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. Similarly, the ConceptD range also drives this unique positioning through a seamless integration of technology that provides functionality and enhances creativity.”
Designers, engineers, developers and artists are often trapped within imposed limits by the lack of tools needed to break through. ConceptD is an innovative range born from the belief that creative professionals achieve their best work when they reach their own definition of perfection. The technology behind the ConceptD range of desktops, laptops and monitors is engineered to allow creators to work as efficiently as possible.
Acer has taken great care to consider every aspect of creator needs with the development of the ConceptD range. The suite of products available have been built for Precision, with colour accuracy, screen resolution and high refresh rates; Performance, with reliability, powerful CPU and GPU, and high storage and memory space; Silence, through an efficient thermal solution, enhanced airflow, and silent operation. Finally, Design, resulting in product aesthetics that is timeless in its design, which is not only clean and elegant, but practical and ergonomic.
Rod Bassi, Oceanic Sales Director, Acer, said the company is very proud of the ConceptD X GINGER & SMART collaboration and looks forward to sharing the fruits of this partnership with local market customers in coming months.
“GINGER & SMART is a premium trailblazer in the fashion industry. They have captivated the attention of Acer not only for their exceptional credentials in the fashion space and their adoption of the ConceptD range but also for their spirit and unwavering commitment towards sustainability. There is undoubtedly a shared ethos between brands, and we look forward to seeing the bespoke ConceptD x GINGER & SMART laptop bag come to life.”

Founder and Creative Director at GINGER & SMART, Genevieve Smart, commented: “As with all designers, we have very specific needs when it comes to creating our pieces and it’s intensely refreshing to be working with a device, and brand partner, that understands and supports the broad range of requirements that creators need.”
“The ConceptD3 Ezel, with its cantilever screen hinge and precise stylus, is a fabulous piece of tech that has definitely enhanced our design practices. Further, the pantone validated display is stand-out, particularly so in today’s climate as we navigate the reduced ability to travel and showcase our designs in person.”
The authenticity of the collaboration is further strengthened by the likeminded, business principles and a genuine ethical desire to be environmentally responsible.
“One of our core mandates at GINGER & SMART, is that we combine captivating design with the finest quality materials and first-rate manufacturers. This directive is followed through every level of our business, including who we align ourselves with. Acer’s commitment to the environment marries ours and it’s a pleasure to partner with such a responsible cutting-edge brand,” concluded Genevieve Smart.

To celebrate ConceptD X GINGER & SMART, from 1 December brand fans will have the opportunity to win a ConceptD 3 Ezel and a GINGER & SMART wardrobe, just in time for the festive gifting season1.

Enter the competition and follow the ConceptD X GINGER & SMART collaboration journey on social via @gingerandsmart and @aceranz #ConceptD.
1 Total prize package valued at $5,299 AUD [ConceptD 3 Ezel – $3,799 & $1,500 GINGER & SMART voucher]

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