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Garrett Wareing is 14 years old and already is making himself known in circles of Hollywood as to being casted in two great features “Boychoir”, and the new release that is getting a lot of buzz around town “Independence Day Resurgence”. He is living the dream and today he shares a little brief insight to himself. We looking forward to watching Garrett’s career as he looks like he is being guided by the best!

1. Where were you born and raised? Texas was my home growing up until about 4 years ago when I moved to California full time. Los Angeles is truly my home.

2. What school do you attend and what are your favorite classes? There is a fantastic home-school program for actors called OPIS that I’ve attended for two years, and by far, my favorite subject is art. I’m so passionate about painting and drawing, especially with my Wacom tablet.

3. How did you begin to want to be in the entertainment industry?
I think that everyone at one time of their life dreams of being an actor, and I was no different. My 5th grade drama class and teacher really inspired me to realize acting is what I love to do.
Garrett Wareing & Dustin Hoffman

4. Can you share with us what you have done so far and what has been the most fun? Fortunately enough I’m able to say that I’ve been in a few movies. My first, BOYCHOIR (which hit theatres in Australia last year), was with Dustin Hoffman & Kathy Bates. They were both so incredible to work with, especially on my first film. They taught me so many things and I’m forever grateful to them for their generosity. There’s another movie that is about to premiere around the world titled INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE. What can I say…WOW!!! The sets, the travel, the wonderful cast and crew, AND getting to work with a living legend – director Roland Emmerich. Being part of the IDR family is a highlight of what I do.

5. Is there anything else right now you want to do to learn and grow from the industry? Playing a super hero is an absolute dream role of mine, so I’m constantly training and working to be prepared when the opportunity arises.
6. What are some of things that you love to do in your free time and who inspires you each and every day? Recently I received my Black Belt in Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) involving kicks, flips, bo staff and sword to expand my abilities as an action actor. Something else that I’ve incorporated into my growth is lifting weights since being an action actor is emotionally demanding as well as physically demanding. I like to garden and watch movies in my free time. Really, I get my inspiration from my parents, seeing how they work hard every day to help me and my sister and brother to do what we love.

7. What type of hours do you put in day-to-day on set? On an average set day I work about 9 hours, but that doesn’t include the prep work beforehand. It takes an entire team effort to see the final movie you see on the screen, and I do all I can to help out the team to make the best movie we can.

8. Any advice you would like to share with emerging actors growing into the industry?
For anyone trying to become an actor or actress, just know that your hard work will be worth it in the end. JUST KEEP PUSHING!!

9. What is your favorite music right now? My favorite music really varies, but if I’m pressed, I have to say SIA – she’s incredible.

Wareing Family TIFF - Wareing copywrite
10. If you were given 5 top actors to work with, who would they be?
Working with new people is always so great, because you never know what magic will happen in the next take. I greatly admire Alicia Vikander, Jacob Tremblay, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Nicholas Hoult. They are all so talented.

11. If you had 3 wishes that can come true that required for you to share this in a way that would help the world, what would they be?
What a great question!! First, for our planet to find peace and unity from war; second, an opportunity for everyone to travel the world and experience the many great cultures our planet has to offer; and lastly, for everyone to have their dream job.

Garrett Wareing
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  1. Nikki Pederson on June 20, 2016

    Nice article…great kid!! SuperHero on my eyes already!! He’s got an amazing career ahead of him.

  2. Eric H Smith on June 21, 2016

    Garrett, Boy Choir was incredible. I was so fortunate to find the DVD for sale in Canada, I hope Hallmark works things out and can release it for TV. You are going to have a great future, all my best wishes for you ????

    • Caroline Russo Author on June 21, 2016

      Thank you we agree here too a massive star on the rise.