The African Stone: Intense Novel Hunts Africa’s Untapped, Lucrative Natural Resources – with a Streak of Vengeance!

James C Appiah’s ‘The African Stone’ throws readers from the comfortable confines of the west, all of the way to Africa, on a unique diamond exploration mission. But things won’t pan out as planned. The secret of Africa’s rich and profitable resources becomes common knowledge and, coupled with the protagonist’s quest for vengeance against the death of a close colleague, this is one adventure nobody will want to pass up on.

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While many envisage Africa as a developing continent, its rich natural resources lead the world in terms of untapped power and profit. In his compelling new novel, James C Appiah explores not only what happens when a team of experts set out to find these precious stones, but how an onslaught could unfold if the “mission” becomes public knowledge.

‘The African Stone’ fuses action and adventure with a globe-trotting thirst for vengeance.


In the early 1990s old Joe Copelin was the only one left alive of the original eight experts sent to West Africa decades before by Global Steel International on a diamond exploration mission, code name Zircon. He was dying of cancer and with the secrets of The Zircon Project about to become open knowledge and Global Steel s stranglehold on the diamond industry threatened, the rush was on as others joined the trail to West Africa in search of the ultimate stone.

For Joe Copelin, however, the primary concern was to find the killers of his trusted companion, the anthropologist Cecil Jacobson and to protect the secrets of Zircon because he knew that the Dark Continent harboured many secrets, secrets better left alone.

“This book has it all – dark elements, a bold search for answers, intrigue, twists and triumph that could come from the strangest-possible places,” explains Appiah, who was born in Ghana. “I wanted to write something intense, and it was far from easy!”

Continuing, “I also want to help change the public’s perception of the African continent. While there’s a myriad of social problems among the countries, most don’t know just how lucky and rich our people are in terms of the resources that literally live under their feet. This story examines how things might pan out if the West tried to cash in on something that isn’t rightfully theirs.”

Readers have come out in force with rave reviews. MA Atinmo comments, “A truly fascinating and compelling read. Not only does the author keep you gripped with the intertwining plot lines, you can clearly see he has spent time researching African continent to make it as authentic as possible. Thoroughly enjoyable. Please let there be a sequel!”

Valerie Morgan adds, “Brilliant book, couldn’t put it down! Lots of interesting facts about the gem trade, must have taken quite some time to have researched but well worth it. Would hearty recommend.”

‘The African Stone’, from Janus Publishing Company Ltd, is available now:

About the Author:
James C Appiah was born in Ghana and educated in California, USA. His first Novel, Shamka for the City, was published in 2002. He now lives in London with his family and spends his time between the United Kingdom, Ghana and the USA.

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