The Blue Shamrocks is a six-piece Brisbane based band that utilise elements of traditional jive, waltz and country styles. They’ve just released a new track Through the Years, which is taken from their forthcoming album NTSH-Nothin’ to See Here due out soon. The new release follows their 2017 album TTT-Tap Those Toes. Through the Years is a heartfelt tribute to family and familial connection seen through the eyes of people who have moved away from their original birthplace. As the band says of the lyric: ‘They were written with the thought of people who live in Australia and those who migrate to Australia, who move around this vast country to achieve a “better” life, where making family reunions at times is difficult, for the good or bad times in life. For our years that follow the comfort of family bonds remains with us for the rest of time’.

The song explores the deep roots of family and pays homage to childhood, parents and the memories that endure. The focus of the song is best summed up in the opening lines of Through the Years: ‘From the day we arrive to the day we depart/a family’s bonds, always close to the heart’.

The lyrics were written by Sam McCaughey, Marion McCaughey and James McCaughey and paint a vivid picture, one that has an autobiographical element to it. Through the Years begins with an intro that sets the general feel of the track, a folk-tinged waltz style that splendidly adds to the whimsical and mellow atmosphere of the song. The chorus has a sing-along characteristic about it, one that conjures images of crowded pubs or family get-togethers. A palpable sense of emotional runs throughout the track with Sam’s lead vocal beautifully invoking the spirit of yearning but a yearning that is lively and reassuring. Produced by Brisbane producer James North Through the Years with its unmistakeable universal appeal is an evocative song that’s sure to resonate with older and younger generations.

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  1. Sam McCaughey on September 29, 2020

    Hi Caroline, thanks for the review for our song Through The Years, I appreciate the time and publication space for recognition of theBlueShamrocks band

    • Caroline Russo Author on September 29, 2020

      Thank you Sam appreciate the thanks. Our Best to you as always.