The Bugs Doctor With A Passion For Music: Fascinating New Autobiography Offers Public Rare “Behind the Scenes” Look at Work of Microbiologists

Written from the life and experiences of Emmanuel Ndawula ‘The Bugs Doctor with a Passion for Music’ takes readers on a journey from the author’s early life in Uganda, to his ground-breaking career at the forefront of Microbiology. As well as sharing the compelling story of his career and passion for music, Emmanuel also exposes many problems with the modern NHS and proposes viable solutions to plug up its leaks.

While everyone will, at some point, have their specimens and even bodily tissues examined by a microbiologist, few actually understand their work and how it impacts on their treatment. In his powerful new autobiography, one microbiology specialist offers a rare “access all areas” pass not only into his work, but into a private life that is equally as exciting.

It all plays out in ‘The Bugs Doctor With A Passion For Music’, fusing medicine with a searing exposé’ on the NHS and creative insights into the world of music.


This autobiography consists of my early life in Uganda and gives an account of more than 30 years as a consultant microbiologist in the NHS in the UK. I use a ‘descriptive diagnosis’ tool to rationalise the use of antimicrobial drugs and enable patients to understand the management of their infections. I use the same tool to reveal the root causes of the problems of our NHS and propose quality improving and money saving remedies. I show how the work of a microbiologist is relevant to all people with infections. I also share my passion for creative music.

“I am proud to be taking readers on a tour of my life and all I have learned along the way; an adventure from quiet rural Africa to beautiful Kent, from boarding school through university to post graduate education and finally consultant microbiologist – a story that highlights the true importance of mentors and role models,” explains Emmanuel Ndawula “I hope it also inspires young people who may be considering a career in microbiology or one of its related fields.”

Continuing, “My descriptive diagnosis model will provide much food for thought for both the general public and medical professionals. It’s vital that patients are empowered to understand their diagnosis and treatments. Equally, it is the responsibility of doctors to inform them. My model is perfect on both sides of the table – making this a very unique book.”

Of course, the entire story is also blended with a showcase of the author’s musical talents and interests – wrapping up what could be one of 2015’s most diverse new releases.

‘The Bugs Doctor with a Passion for Music’, from Grosvenor House Publishing Limited, is available now:

For more information on the author’s music, visit:

About the Author:
I am grateful to have had parents that valued education and worked hard to make sure that I got one. I attended King’s College Budo, one of the top secondary schools in Uganda and Makerere University Medical School, which was the top University in East Africa at the time. I did my postgraduate education at Northwick Park Hospital and The Middlesex Hospital in London becoming a member of the Royal College of Pathologists. I was then appointed as a consultant microbiologist in East Kent where I worked for 30 years. I retired from this post in 2012.

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