Masterfully crafted by Irene Taylor, ‘The Chateau’ thrusts readers to Scotland and France, as one family who has it all is hit by harrowing tragedy. A media onslaught ensues, as do the plights of greed, betrayal and jealousy. One critic recently described it as a modern classical boasting “Love, Romance, Mystery and … The Perils of Media Intrusion!”

As those bitten by the media will know, the press holds immense power over society. In her compelling, ground-breaking re-released novel, Irene Taylor shows just how hard it is to crawl out from under the spotlight in the face of insurmountable tragedy.

‘The Chateau’ addresses the fallout caused by familial tragedy, mental illness, sexual incompatibility, and the trashing of status by the world’s collective press pack. But don’t be fooled, it’s not dark; Taylor’s unique way with words tackles such bold issues in an entertaining and even at times humorous fashion.

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The Sinclair family, torn apart by tragedy, are exposed to media speculation. Mother Veronique is plunged into manic depression and daughter Caterine seems incapable of committing to the prospects of a brilliant academic career. Son, David, takes control, restoring family harmony and happiness. Caterine graduates with an outstanding degree, developing a ruthless ambition to atone for the guilt she feels for that family tragedy. In her subsequent business career Caterine travels extensively achieving many accolades but, in her personal life, love affairs end in sadness and disappointment. During this time, Caterine’s sixth sense re-emerges to warn of danger, particularly regarding a close family friend whom she distrusts.

Eventually, Caterine finds fulfillment in a loving marriage and happiness prevails. Suddenly as life prospers a mysterious danger confronts her but she fights to defend herself and finds a solution. This “solution” returns to haunt her, to threaten her marriage and her family, while the media wait in anticipation. The question: who can and cannot survive? In this dramatic tale of mystery and suspense set between Scotland and France, we find ourselves witnessing a titanic struggle between love and loyalty versus greed, jealousy and betrayal. The spellbinding conclusion excites the imagination of every reader.

“Any family would struggle to get through what the Sinclairs have, let alone enduring the whole thing in the eye of the public and a media that will sometimes stop at nothing in pursuit of their story,” explains Taylor. “It’s a narrative that will certainly leave readers with plenty to think about, through a twist that they’ll never guess.”

Continuing, “While fiction, I designed the novel from the ground up to tackle a series of issues extremely pertinent to humanity. We’ll all suffer from tragedy, struggle with redemption and be left to make quick decisions about the direction of our future. My book forces readers to ponder it all from the perspective of a family with literally no privacy.”

Since its release, readers have come out in force with positive reviews. One Amazon user comments, “Love this book. It’s got everything you need: romance, suspense, and terrific writing. I was hooked from the first chapter! The Sinclair family gets hit with a tragedy and is smothered by the media as a result. As daughter Caterine finally pulls herself together and creates a fulfilling and happy life, another danger rears its ugly head. Trying to protect her family and happiness, she falls back on a ‘solution’. Well, as in life, that ‘solution’ comes back to bite her and also brings the media back to her doorstep in droves. The end of the book will take your breath away!”

Another reader adds, “This book was one I couldn’t put down. The storyline was wonderful. It was a story about the Sinclair family and all the tragedies and ups and downs of their lives. After an accident that kills her father, Catherine goes through a depression but finally pulls herself together and acquires a fine career and home life. But then years later another tragedy occurs and when the truth comes out the media is at the family again. I loved the the wonderful storyline and each well developed character. If you have not read this book yet please go and get it, it has a heart wrenching end that never could be guessed.”

The book is being promoted at a number of book signings through the UK and the author has recently been invited to give a talk about “The Chateau” at the prestigious booksellers Blackwells in Edinburgh during one of their annual Book Events which coincides with The Fringe in August.

‘The Chateau’, from Troubadour Publishing, is available now through independent bookstores and Amazon and also as an ebook through: http://amzn.to/1IBinDB.

About the Author:

Irene Taylor has travelled extensively worldwide and has served on the Scottish Businesswoman of the year panel. She was the first woman to lead a Scottish Trade Mission where the products in her sales portfolio even included false teeth! Her career and background influenced her debut novel The Chateau.

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