The Cheesemaking Workshop By Cheese Expert Lyndall Dykes

The Cheesemaking Workshop is devoted to cheese – in every respect. It gives aspiring cheese makers step-by-step instructions on how to not only make their own beautiful cheese, but also butter and yoghurt. With practical, hands-on directions, guided by beautiful
photographs, advice and tips — this cookbook demystifies the cheesemaking process turning it into a fun, accessible and economical new skill for every home cook. It also gives many delicious recipes in which to use the homemade cheeses.

Readers learn how to make all the classic cheese favourites — including Blue vein, Bocconcini, Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Cheese Curds, Edam, Fetta, Haloumi, Havarti, Kefir, Mascarpone, Monterey jack, Mozzarella, Paneer, Quark, Boursin ,Ricotta, Romano, Washed rind as well as Goat Cheese.

The book also aims to be satisfying for readers — knowing what is going into the food they make and that there are no preservatives or additives. It’s also cost effective and as readers learn, when you present your homemade cheese to family and friends, the bragging rights are huge!

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