– Production started in Utah on THE HAPPY WORKER — an original content production from blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV. THE HAPPY WORKER is a feature film starring Josh Whitehouse (MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH, NORTHERN SOUL, MGM’s upcoming VALLEY GIRL), Thomas Haden Church (SIDEWAYS, WE BOUGHT A ZOO, HBO’s DIVORCE), and Colm Meaney (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, HELL ON WHEELS), leading a cast including Meagan Holder (PITCH), Rhys Mitchell (UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN), Korean Naval Veteran J.R. Starr (TWIN PEAKS) and Amy Shiels (TWIN PEAKS, THE DETOUR).

THE HAPPY WORKER’s protagonist Joe (Josh Whitehouse) lives in a utopian universe suspended in a left-of-center timelessness. A reluctant hero eager to please his wife (Meagan Holder) and his boss (Thomas Haden Church), he finds himself thrust into a position of power by Clete (Colm Meaney), prompting the question, “Why? What are we doing with our lives?” As their decades-old utopia starts to crumble, Joe needs to be quick on his feet to save his community.

THE HAPPY WORKER is based on S.E. Feinberg’s acclaimed play, which was first performed in 1982 at the Actors Theatre of Louisville with Frederic Major (Goose) and John Vennema (Joe) in the cast. The play was adapted for the screen by Feinberg, Jerold Pearson and director Duwayne Dunham. SingularDTV’s Co-founder and President of Entertainment Kim Jackson is producing with First Street Films’ Bill Borden. The film is executive-produced by David Lynch, La Mer Walker and SingularDTV’s Zach LeBeau, Lynette Coll and Jason Tyrell.

As Kim Jackson comments, “THE HAPPY WORKER is such a powerful allegory to which Duwayne is bringing his keen eye for the comedic absurdities of daily life. To be able to work with a director of his talent on a screenplay this adventurous is what brought SingularDTV on board. Using blockchain technology to open up the film industry with more transparency and inclusion, we like to do things differently, just like S.E. Feinberg and Duwayne Dunham.”

“It is not easy shooting in this rugged location, but in true John Ford-fashion we are braving the elements and capturing sweeping vistas on our mountain of red dirt in Utah,” says director Duwayne Dunham. “I am blessed with a marvelous cast and crew of ‘happy workers’ and could not be more pleased with the adventure of it all.”

The makers of THE HAPPY WORKER also include production designer Chris DeMuri (VALLEY OF THE GODS, SHOCK AND AWE), costume designer Carolyn Leone (YELLOWSTONE, BEING CHARLIE) and reuniting with Dunham is his director of photography on HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, Reed Smoot.

Following a festival premiere and a US theatrical release, THE HAPPY WORKER will become available on SingularDTV’s blockchain-powered distribution portal next year.

With blockchain technology, information is continuously synced by independent computers around the world in consecutive blocks. This brings much-needed transparency to the film industry: making it virtually impossible for any one party to make adjustments to valuable information, such as copyrights, revenue, or streaming metrics.

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  1. Musa Aden on June 17, 2021

    I am supper lucky to be part of this film specially someone like me who came from refugee family, i cannot thank enough Duwayne Dunham and all the cast and crew