The Last Fleet exhibit at Gold Coast City Gallery

The Gold Coast City Gallery will be exhibiting the latest series from local artist, Gayle Reichelt, entitled The Last Fleet from 6 February to 20 March, 2016. This thematic series reviews the fate of abandoned, human manufactured objects in the natural environment, inspired by weathered shipwrecks.

‘In this series nature seeks revenge in entropy by rightfully returning these objects to their constituent elemental dust’, said Gayle Reichelt.

The focus of Reichelt’s heavily textured portrayal of abandoned machinery is on the history of the inevitable treatment by elements of weather and time, portraying evidence of erosion, mould and decay, as well as damage inflicted by mankind. The Last Fleet explores the paradoxical and beguiling beauty found in the surface of these ‘skeletons’ of our throwaway society. Stemming from her Honours year at La Trobe University Bendigo in 1996, reviewing the fate of abandoned human manufactured objects in the natural environment has been a recurring theme in Gayle’s work.

The Last Fleet is inspired by weathered shipwrecks which is fitting with her membership of the Australian Society of Marine Artists. ‘These images represent loss, but there is a strange beauty about them as well’ said Reichelt.

Reichelt uses distortion and abstraction to convey feelings and a particular mood. The reason for this is that she feels things can be expressed more successfully in forms that are personalised, rather than through the use of realism.

Along with using contemporary and traditional techniques, Reichelt’s work is constantly evolving, exploring and making use of new technology and mediums. The most recent medium she has encountered is Encaustic which consists of molten beeswax and damar resin which is mixed with oil pigments for colour, and is fused after application into a continuous layer and fixed to a support (usually wood) with heat.

The Last Fleet is on display in the Foyer Gallery 6 February until 27 March 2016.

DATE Sat 6 February
TIME 3pm
VENUE Foyer Gallery
FREE event | No booking required

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