Follow up documentary “The People’s Truth” screens this December

“Are Vaccines really as safe and effective as we’ve been told?”

It’s the question that every informed parent must ask. The slick marketing that comes from peak bodies and Governments is always a positive picture for the use of vaccines, but does the marketing optimism match the manufacturer inserts? Are we really being made aware of the risks that marketing will tell you are ‘rare’? As this documentary exposes – these risks are far more common and widespread than you realise.

Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth

No propaganda, just the voices of the fallen, that the manufacturers want you to forget.

“The People’s Truth” will premiere in Australia on Monday December 2nd, and continue screening around the country in multiple secret locations along the east and west coasts.

The first film “ Vaxxed: From cover-up to catastrophe”, was catapulted into the spotlight by unprecedented censorship, and brought to the public’s attention the deceptive practices surrounding the manipulation of data at the CDC concerning the MMR vaccine.

The People’s Truth picks up the story on the road, in the Vaxxed Bus, where vaccine injury victims line up to take the opportunity to have their voices heard. Polly Tommey and her team interviewed and captured on camera thousands of real-world experiences from families that adhered to the vaccine schedule.

These brave mums and dads witnessed first hand what happened to their children when they did what their health professional said was the right thing, and kept their children up to date with the current vaccination schedule. The subsequent injury and heartbreak is shown so profoundly in the film. This is the truth. The people’s truth. It is raw and it is awful, and it is vital that these stories are told. It is the very least that these families are owed. In the so called “war on infectious disease”, why are the fallen not honoured? Why are the injured made invisible? The People’s Truth seeks to address this injustice and does so in a powerful way.

The AVN has invited the Federal Health Minister and all state Health Ministers to attend a screening of The People’s Truth. It is vital that they see this film.

Title: The People’s Truth

Year: 2019

Country: United States

Shooting format: Digital

Length: 95 min

Rating: Check the Classification (emotional distress and traumatic events)


“What is “Vaxxed II” movie? It’s either a group lie by parents who never met each other who have nothing to gain but public derision or a group of parents (tens of thousands) who all share the same experience; their child was perfectly fine, then after shots was never the same again” – Rob Schneider (actor)

“I’m not here to fight you on this. If you want to vaccinate yourself, go ahead and vaccinate yourself. Really, it’s none of my business; it’s your body and your mind. All I’m here to do is warn you…warn you that there are serious, serious, deadly side-effects from vaccinating yourself and your children. That’s it. We’re not here to fight, we’re here to warn.” – Polly Tommey (Executive Producer)

“According to Merck’s package insert, women are 100 times more likely to develop a serious event than to be protected from cervical cancer.” – Robert F Kennedy Jnr (Executive Producer)


MONDAY 2nd December 2019:
Brisbane – 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY 4th December 2019:
Adelaide – 6.30pm

Gold Coast 6.30pm

THURSDAY 5th December 2019:
Newcastle – 6.30pm
Cairns – 6.30pm
Melbourne – 6.30pm
Hobart – 6.30pm
Byron Bay – 6.30pm
South Sydney – 6.30pm

FRIDAY 6th December 2019:
Perth – 6.30pm
Sunshine Coast – 6.30pm
Launceston – 6.30pm

SUNDAY 8th December 2019:
Busselton -11am

MONDAY 9th December 2019:
Melbourne – 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY 11th December 2019:
Perth – 6.30pm

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  1. jack hopkins on March 12, 2021

    i hope films like this continue to be made.
    everyone has to be accountable
    with the way governments of the world are acting now i see the world sleepwalking into fascism
    god help us all