Opening Night ~ The Producers Pure Entertainment that is Gold!

After a year of shuts downs in the theatre world with covid 19 and now with all the activity of live shows coming back to Brisbane, Altitude Theatre has set the bar high as to their production in the Musical adaption of The Producers.

With a full house, it was given standing ovation. It has preciseness to every moment and ticks all the boxes. Director and Cherography Joseph Simons has combined his talents with producer Adam Gardnir, and musical director Jacqui Devereux and with a cast that is true to the roles which is now the talk of the town.

From start to finish it was pure entertainment, with so much laughter throughout and to be part of this opening night in an audience that combined special VIP guests such as the QLD Deputy Premier Steven Miles, along with Hon Mark Bailey, Hon Leanne Linard, Councillor Vicki Howard and Hon Trevor Evans, who with many other guests that made this night so special. The energy and excitement in the air after the show proved laughter and good old classic musical romp is what we all need to kick start this year in the theatre world more so.

On another note want to credit and highlight the actor’s and singers and dancers. Matt Young as MAX BIALYSTOCK, Mark Hill as LEO BLOOM amazing talent here with great voices just loved them. Rachael Ward as ULLA, apart from looking sexy she shines in this role and so funny and she is on the rise more so. James Lee as ROGER DE BRIS, Alex Watson as CARMEN GHIA, Patrick Conolly as FRANZ LIEBKIND, Chloe Taylor as HOLD ME TOUCH ME, Jackson Reedman STORMTROOPER. They were all outstanding!

“Perfection”, is the word, as each one shined in their roles as did the ensemble’ that again with such great stage backdrops, and of course the highlight musical song of the night for me was “Hitler in Springtime” this is divine to watch…. as to a top night out that leaves you feeling so high.

Folks if you can secure a ticket or need to beg borrow or steal then get in quickly… this is a sell-out show.

Brisbane Powerhouse
March 6th to 14th 2021


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