Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear what he thinks about anti-vaxxers as the Delta variant of COVID continues to ravage parts of the world.

The actor and former California governor spoke with CNN’s Bianna Golodryga and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman amid the rising cases of coronavirus across the US as COVID variants spread throughout the country.

“A year and a half later, we are still in a mess and there are still people living in denial, there are still people that don’t believe in masks, there are still people out there who say, ‘Well, we don’t have to do social distancing,’ and all this kind of stuff,” Schwarzenegger said.

“And I just think that people ought to be reminded over and over that the experts are saying that we have to wear masks, especially when you go indoors, the experts are saying that you should still wash your hands regularly, you should still do social distancing, especially now with this new comeback of the virus, which is the fourth round now, that we have to really go and work together.”

“There’s misinformation out there,” Schwarzenegger said as he praised health experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“My point of it was basically: Look, I’m an expert in how to build a bicep. Therefore, I know exactly what I’m talking about… There’s nobody who knows more about a bicep than I do, because I studied this issue for 50 years.

Schwarzenegger continued: “The same is also with the virus, there are people out there who are experts who studied this year after year after year…Why would you not believe someone like that?”

“There is a virus here. It kills people. And the only way we can prevent it is to get vaccinated, to wear masks, to do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about, ‘oh, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’

“No. Screw your freedom. With freedom comes obligation and responsibilities.”

The Terminator star continued: “That is when it gets serious. It’s like, no different than a traffic light. They put the traffic light in the intersection so someone doesn’t kill someone else by accident.

“You cannot say, ‘No one is going to tell me that I’m going to stop here, I’m going to go right through it.’ Yeah, then you kill someone else. It is the same thing with the virus. You cannot go and not put the mask on because when you breathe you can infect someone else, and you can infect someone that then gets sick and may die.

“So this is why I think we all have to work together on this.… We have to come together rather than fighting and always just saying, ‘According to my principles this is a free country and I have the freedom to wear no mask.’

He added: “Yeah, you have the freedom to wear no mask, but you know something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask.”

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