The X Collective Presents
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

Will you take part?
Will you be affected?
Will you listen?
Will you really listen?

Fate Container Studios, West End, Brisbane from 7th October to the 30th October.
Strictly limited season.

For some performers it’s their worst nightmare, for others it is a moment of catharsis. With no rehearsals, no director, and a script waiting in a sealed envelope on stage, and a different actor each performance. Internationally acclaimed ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit,’ is a daring theatrical experiment, a transcendent piece of alive and kicking, avant garde theater.

Forbidden to leave his native Iran, Nassim Soleimanpour wrote a play that was able to travel the world in his place. Each night the audience joins different performers on a trip into the unknown. Stumbling upon the personal and profound, the limits of liberty and ultimately an effective reminder of the transformative power of theatre. Since its premiere in 2011, the play has been translated into 25 different languages and has been performed over 2000 times.

While we won’t reveal anything about the plot – the audience should go into the performance like the performer — cold. Each night, two different performers wait patiently backstage as the audience awaits. They are then introduced on stage and handed the mysterious script, sealed in an envelope and it begins. ‘The X Collective’ promises no two shows will be the same. Each performer will personalise and resonate with different parts of the script, and interact with their audience differently, as they read for the first time. This is what creates a unique evening of theatre for not only the audience, but for the performer.

‘The X Collective’ has put together a stellar cast of performers for their 2022 season of ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit,’ Including a wide array of local favourites shceduled to perform alongside nationally known actors slated to brave the unknown. Screen and stage icons Eugene Gilfedder, Steven Tandy and Roxanne McDonald join us on
their respective nights. Along with some of Brisbane’s best local talent Kristian Santic, Steven Rooke and Bernadette Pryde with many more to be announced. Each of these performers is amazing in their own way, a strong storyteller and incredibly captivating.

‘The X Collective’ is the outlet of Brisbane creative Wayne McPhee, who loves to dream big and then go even further with every project they take on. His main focus will be to always create projects that create discussion around the work. He hopes to be able to share his experiences and encourage others to challenge the local creative community, push boundaries, take risks and be unapologetic.

Tickets will be on sale from August 25th, 2022 through TryBooking.
Tickets prices:
General Admission: $35.00 Concession: $30.00 MEAA: $30.00

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