Love / Hate actually
Amy Currie and Natalie Bochenski

Two friends delve into the intricacies and infinitesimal details of the Movie Love Actually. Light and buoyant with plenty of quips and jests to keep you involved they argue the for and against , the for a doe eyed dreamer the against a sceptical realists . MIxed in with a all too familiar HR lessons in “what is appropriate” with hilarious effect.

The occasional use of props add to the show without distraction and give it a very salt of the earth feel. Beware they select people from the audience which worked amazingly well but If you prefer not to be called up sit at the back of the room.

There is a final scorecard and an audience member took it upon herself to give her team an unfair advantage which was unscripted and so even funnier. Much like the Movie itself there is a saccharin sweet ending which fits the movie to a T.

Love / Hate actually is a real crowd pleaser and a good laugh
This is a fringe festival favorite comedy with dates lines up around the country

November 22-25
Brisbane Powerhouse

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