Savage in Limbo

by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Anthony Frusin
Julian Curtis -Tony Aronica
Zoe Houghton-Denise Savage
Maria Marosszeky- Linda Rotunda
Melanie Zanetti- April White

A woman walks into a bar , well actually about 30 people walk into a bar, take a seat and are plunged face first into a play set in a bar in the Bronx 1984 on a quite weekday night with people who have no where else to go. The four characters all thirty somethings went to school together but all not quite living up to their potential, or their hopes and dreams ,all trapped in some way.

The story starts with loud mouth Denise walking into the Bar where Murk works and April sits propping up the bar . Denise is looking for a night out but it’s a quite night and the town is dead. In walks Linda upset with her Monday night beau Tony because he’s dumping her for ugly chicks and so the banter ensues . Initially this is quite a comedic scene with the strong accents and banter but then it strikes you as very sad that Linda’s longing for love is based on a one night a week booty call with the handsome Tony. Murk the brash bar tender demands payment in advance and seems like a tough guy but his week spot Is Anita and he keeping he plied with drinks so she dosen’t have to deal with reality and when she freaks out he steps in to calm her down . Each character has demons to deal with and is looking for a real connection, something real, a future or a hope for a change that might fix things or them .

Each Character is trapped ,Zoe trapped in her virginity, Linda trapped by her reputation and fondness for the wrong guy and undervaluing herself, April trapped in her unstable mind, Marcus trapped by his love for April and Tony trapped by inability to take a leap,move on or grow up.

The vibe is Jersey boys meets mob wives this loud in your face close quarters theatre is very immersive and gives you a more of a fly in the ointment than fly on the wall experience .The accents are spot on and delivered with intense energy as you would expect from these seasoned professionals.

What lingered after the last lines were delivered was the old adage you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you.

Catch Savage in Limbo now

22 Jan – 2 Feb
Lucky Duck Cafe & Bar
15 Gladstone Rd
Highgate Hill Qld

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