Two Man Tarantino
Review Mirre Jennings

Presented by Christopher Wayne and the Brisbane Powerhouse

Starring Emily Vascotto and Stephen Hirst

Set in a Video Store on it’s last night a customer arrives to return a movie and drop off a parting gift of wine. A discovery of a shared love for Taranatino movies and a very competitive sharing of knowledge commences .

It’s almost every fans dream to find that one person that loves the movie or genre or pop culture as much as you do . Here we have two single people one broken hearted and one about to be unemployed sharing a special love . The love of Tarantino . Drawing on stellar lines from some awesome movies, enacting scenes with mountains of gusto in a fast paced very physical comedy Two Man Tarantino delivers plenty of laugh out loud moments and applause .

So familiar are the lines it’s necessary to stop yourself from joining in the conversationTwo . The scenes cascade from the two actors at times playing several parts at once bouncing positions and accents to suite the various roles using hilarious techniques to substitute movie magic. Keep an eye out for the flashback moments which made me laugh every time so stupidly hilarious.

Vascoto and Hirst acting is on point and they fully commit to each character with their jumps, Kung fu poses, drops and dives which are non stop.

If your a Tarantino fan then this us your kind of celebration .

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