Hailed as “2015’s Most Exciting New Pop Star” by NME, Halsey has released her new single ‘New Americana’. ‘New Americana’ already has over 37million plays on Spotify and the video on VEVO has over 4 and a half million views. The single is off the album Badlands that debuted at number 2 in the U.S and has stayed in the top 40 since its release on August 28.

“New Americana is not about smoking weed or listening to rap music. It’s about a generation raised on two things: pop culture and diversity. This is about a generation not afraid of change!” Halsey says of the track.

‘New Amerciana’ is everything that sets Halsey apart from the rest with her unique sound and brutal lyrics. The track starts with eerie musical accompaniment with Halsey’s own unique voice serenading over the top. The chorus then kicks the song into gear with percussion and layered voices added.

The constant beat and layered vocals in the chorus give the song an anthem feel. “Raised on Iggy and Nirvana/ We are the new Americana” perfectly mirrors Halsey’s explanation of the generational song.

Nylon magazine said, “The force that is Halsey is incomparable to anyone else making waves today,” and with ‘New Americana’ millennial’s everywhere will have a new anthem.

‘New Americana’ is available to purchase now!



After winning the hearts of Australia by winning The X Factor in 2014 Marlisa is back with her new single ‘Forever Young’. ‘Forever Young’ was written by Michael D’Arcy and Kayla Rae Bonnici and is the follow up single to Marlisa’s debut ARIA Platinum single ‘Stand By You’ which sees her nominated for ‘Song Of The Year’ at this year’s ARIA awards in November.

“Recording ‘Forever Young’ has been an amazing experience because it is an exciting change to my pop ballad style and I had a chance to try something new and fresh,” says Marlisa.

‘Forever Young’ is a fresh pop hit appropriate for the young star. It features electric sounds and a catchy whistle tune in the chorus that will be stuck in people’s heads for sure.

The track shows off Marlisa’s wonderful vocal abilities with the verses being in a lower register and then powerful high notes towards the end of the song. ‘Forever Young’ has a good dance beat with positive and uplifting lyrics that will keep Marlisa as one of Australia’s sweethearts.

‘Forever Young’ is available to purchase now!



After his breakthrough single ‘Take Me To Church’ went 5x Platinum and reached number 1 on the iTunes chart, Hozier has released a deluxe version of his self-titled album. The Deluxe version features 13 additional tracks, including live covers of Arianna Grande, Arctic Monkeys and Sam Smith.

Already released tracks ‘Take Me To Church’ and ‘Someone New’ are accompanied by equally moving tracks like ‘Angel Of Small Death & The Code’ and ‘From Eden’. Hozier’s gritty and deep voice effortlessly serenades through the album with all of the emotion and vocal range that the artist is known for.

‘Someone New’ (Live In America) and ‘Take Me To Church’ (Live In America) are just as amazing to listen to as the original recordings and the only way to tell the difference is the cheering from the audience at the beginning of the tracks. Hozier’s amazing musical abilities on his guitar and vocals are showcased through the bonus live tracks on the album.

Hozier also covers popular hits such as Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ (BBC Live Version and Arctic Monkey’s ‘Do I Wanna Know’ (BBC Live Version) each of which are given the Hozier treatment. These tracks are given a new sound completely while still being recognizable.

Both live and recorded track on ‘Hozier (Deluxe Version)’ have Hozier’s sound that has given the Irish-born singer worldwide success.

‘Hozier (Deluxe Edition)’ is available to purchase now!



Pentatonix have made a name for themselves after selling more than 2 million albums in the U.S and appearing in the smash hit film Pitch Perfect 2. Now the a capella group are releasing a deluxe version of their 2014 album ‘That’s Christmas To Me’. The deluxe edition of the album will feature all 11 tracks from ‘That’s Christmas To Me’, as well as 4 new tracks from the group and a special re-recording of last year’s standout hit, ‘Mary Did You Know?’ featuring The String Mob.

The deluxe version of ‘That’s Christmas To Me’ showcases the amazing genre that is a capella singing with flawless vocal harmonies layering to create music with their vocals alone. Traditional Christmas carols are given the Pentatonix treatment with a more upbeat version of ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ and more lengthy harmonies and layered singing in ‘Silent Night’.

Frozen track ‘Let It Go’ is also featured on the album, not a Christmas song but interesting to listen to nonetheless, with the vocal range of each member being showcased in the power hit song. Each song is unique to Pentatonix’ sound with their arrangements of the tracks and the absence of musical instruments; not that you would notice.

‘Santa Clause Is Coming To Town’ and ‘Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy’ are fun, cheery songs perfect for the holiday season mixed in with the traditional ballad style tracks. The mash-up of ‘Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy’ is different but crosses over perfectly with the jazz/reggae beat created by beat boxing and scatting throughout the track.

Pentatonix have created the perfect Christmas soundtrack for everyone this holiday season with traditional and contemporary tracks given the a capella treatment.

‘That’s Christmas To Me’ (Deluxe Version) is available now!


By Holly Licuanan

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