Australian platinum-selling artist Natalie Imbruglia is back with her new single ‘Instant Crush’. ‘Instant Crush’ is the first single from the three-time Grammy nominee in six years and is the first single off Imbruglia’s highly anticipated album ‘Male’, set for release September 11 2015/

After being originally recorded by superstar’s Daft Punk ‘Instant Crush’ was then recorded and released by Natalie. “On the original version, you can’t really hear what the song is about because of the effect that Julian’s voice has, which I love, by the way. However, it is such a beautiful story that I want people to hear it and connect with the words. I’m really proud of the way it turned out.” Says Natalie about her unique take on the song.

Imbruglia’s sweet sounding vocals gives the song the meaning and message that she feels lacked in the original recording. The simple guitar progression and percussion gives off a sort of Stevie Nicks feel while still sounding like the Imbruglia that fans have missed.

Natalie shows off her impressive vocal range with her twinkling falsetto before the chorus and her rich lower register at the end of the chorus. Natalie’s fast paced singing articulates the song’s meaning and message while still driving the song.

‘Instant Crush’ is an easy-listening track that is only a taste of what is sure to be another smash hit album from Natalie.

‘Male’ will be supported by a worldwide tour starting in late 2015

‘Instant Crush’ is available to purchase now!



After the worldwide success of ‘Take Me To Church’ and ‘Someone New’ Hozier has released his new single ‘From Eden’. The breakout artist of 2015 released the single off his wildly successful self-titled album that is gold-certified.

‘From Eden’ is the perfect medium between the slow and brooding ‘Take Me To Church’ and the more upbeat ‘Someone New’ while still holding the soulful tone that has made the Hozier so successful.

A simple electric guitar riff starts off the song before percussion is introduced to give the song a rock feel. Hozier’s rich and smooth vocals cascade through the song and show off his amazing vocal range. The give and take of instruments the song and the tenacity of Hozier’s vocals give ‘From Eden’ the emotion that the song deserves.

‘From Eden’ is everything that fans love about Hozier while still giving them a different sound than his past singles. ‘From Eden’ is sure to be a hit around the world and will keep Hozier as one of the great new artists around.

Hozier returns this October / November playing shows across the country, including a sold out night at The Horden in Sydney and two sold out shows at Melbourne’s Palasis Theatre.
o Wednesday 28 October Belvoir Amphitheatre Perth – SELLING FAST
o Friday 30 October Palais Theatre Melbourne- SOLD OUT
o Saturday 31 October Palais Theatre Melbourne – SOLD OUT
o Tuesday 3 November The Hordern Pavilion Sydney – SOLD OUT
o Friday 6 November Riverstage Brisbane – SELLING FAST

‘From Eden’ is available to purchase now!



Flordia born artist LunchMoney Lewis has released his new single ‘Whip It!’ after the great success of his song ‘Bills’. LunchMoney’s first single ‘Bills’ became a certified smash, taking the #1 spot on the ARIA Singles. ‘Bills’ is featured on Lunch’s BILLS EP, released this past April.

‘Whip It!’ is a catchy tune that incorporates LunchMoney Lewis’ signature uplifting lyrics and fun unique sound. The full sounding vocals from Kemosabe arists Chloe Angelides in the intro and chorus breaks the song up between LunchMoney Lewis’ fast paced rapping.

The constant beat in the background drives the song and gives it tempo that will have people up and dancing in no time. The techno-electric bridge of the song takes ‘Whip It!’ in a new ‘dance-break’ direction before reverting back to the familiar ‘Come on baby, Whip It’ of the chorus.

Lyrics like ‘we can go all night’ and ‘move your hips’ and the fun pop sound of the song is sure to make ‘Whip It!’ another hugely successful song for LunchMoney Lewis that people will be singing in their heads on repeat.

‘Whip It!’ is available to purchase now!



UK metal band Bullet For My Valentine has announced their 5th studio album ‘Venom‘. After the premiere of the album’s cover artwork and song ‘No Way Out’ fans are eager to get their hands on the ‘Venom’.

Produced by Carl Bown and Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium) Venom takes the band in a new direction and is game changer in the metal genre. Venom is by far Bullet For My Valentine’s heaviest record to date and will not leave fans disappointed.

The gritty vocals of Matt Truck throughout ‘Venom’ through and screamo singing and singing-singing gives the album a powerful sound that sets them apart from the rest. The ferocious guitar riffs from Michael ‘Padge’ Paget and high-speed drumming from Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas give the album a non-stop rock sound that will get heads banging and “bodies trashing” (a lyric from ‘Army Of Noise’).

Newcomer Jamie Mathias has joined Bullet For My Valentine as their new bass player and backup vocalist and his skills give ‘Venom’ a full sounding texture that excites all senses.

“It’s pretty hard to sum up an entire record after spending so much time writing and recording it and all the blood, sweat and tears that have come with this one especially,” says frontman Matt Tuck. “It wasn’t easy revisiting some very dark places to come up with lyrical content for this one, but once I knew where it was heading and I was comfortable with letting certain things out – all hell broke loose. It’s easily the most aggressive record we’ve ever done and lyrically it will no doubt touch a nerve with a lot of people that listen to it. I cannot express enough how proud I am of it, and can’t wait for everyone out there to hear it too. We’ve reinvented who we are and are ready to take on the world once more.”

‘Venom’ has the dangerous heavy metal sound that their army of fans loves throughout the album while still changing it up on each track to give something different.

‘Venom’ is available to purchase now!


By Holly Licuanan

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