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With praise like “If Queen and Metallica had a bastard baby it would be called TASTE” from Brian Mannix and “Timeless rawk vibe that will never go out of style” from The Music Network, Taste is back with their new single ‘I Am God’. ‘I Am God’ is off of the forthcoming album ‘Life On Earth’ from the reformed 70s rock band.

Drummer Virgil Donati said, “TASTE was the band that set me on the rock’n’roll road as a teenager back in 1975… Ken Murdoch, Joey Amenta and Michael Tortoni are my musical brothers and I can’t wait to get back on stage to play some of the songs that started this incredible journey.”

‘I Am God’ is a heavy rock song that head-bangers everywhere will enjoy. The distorted electric guitar and heavy drumming paired with massive vocals creates a fantastic classic rock song. The verses of the track are more calm with the loss of the heavy drumming and layered guitars. The addition of vocal harmonies fills in the holes of sound before crashing into the heavy chorus’.

The end of the track is played out by the constant guitar melody heard throughout the song along with electric guitar solos to give the track a real ‘rock-star’ feel. The first chorus is mixed with dissonant tones and grungy guitar as the lead singer belts out “I am God”, the next chorus is heavier with more instruments and more complexity. Each chorus is slightly different from the last but still fits into the crazy rock scene that is ‘I Am God’.

Taste have successfully created an instant classic rock track with ‘I Am God’ and will keep their legendary status for years to come.

‘I Am God’ is available now!



After playing sold out shows around the world, British band The Vamps have released their new track ‘I Found A Girl’. ‘I Found A Girl’ sees The Vamps pair up with rapper OMI. ‘I Found A Girl’ is already a fan favourite from the band’s latest album and the addition of OMI for the single version is the perfect way to release it to the world.

‘I Found A Girl’ is a pop song about a boy who has fallen for a girl who rejects him because she is not into guys. The Vamps wrote the song after one of the band members found himself in this situation last year. The track has a fun pop beat and catchy hooks that everyone will love.

OMI’s Caribbean-cool vocals are the perfect addition for ‘I Found A Girl’. The song would have been great without OMI but his different vocals and rap give the song a little something more. The rap gives more context to the story of the track with the lyrics: “She putting up her defense/ Cause her recent pushed her over the deep end/ Now the girls are coming over for the weekend/ If you didn’t get an invitation, she will resend”.

The chorus of the song is extremely catchy with the whole band singing “’Cause I found a girl/ in love with a girl/ She said that she tried/ But she’s not into guys”. The chorus is followed by a string of “Oh, Oh Oh’s” that will be stuck in your head forever.

The lyrics and simple, but catchy, melodies of the track is everything fans of The Vamps love. The addition of a rap in the bridge breaks up the song a little bit and creates more of a story and dynamic in the simple pop song.

‘I Found A Girl Feat. OMI’ is available now!




Announcing his first ever full scale national tour of Australia, Troye Sivan has released his new single ‘Talk Me Down’. ‘Talk Me Down’ is the third single off of his debut and Gold certified album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’. The melancholy track was produced by Emile Haynie and Bram Inscore who have worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Little Boots respectively.

‘Talk Me Down’ is a slow and dark song about love that is unique to Sivan’s sound as an artist. His angelic tenor vocals paired with the dark and somber music sends chills down your spine with the minor key creating feeling and emotion throughout the song.

The beginning of the track is simple with minimal accompaniment to Sivan’s flawless vocals. After the first verse the song explodes with backing vocals and the addition of a strings section. The strings give the track more dynamic and gives the song an almost cinematic feel.

The simple chorus lyrics “I wanna sleep next to you/ But that’s all I wanna do right now/ So come over now and talk me down” is filled with emotion from Sivan’s vocals and the musical accompaniment. The lyrics of the track are not sad or negative, more hopeful and wishful which can be just as emotional. Troye has successfully created a track that is both heartbreakingly beautiful and gigantic at the same time.

‘Talk Me Down’ is available now!



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Fresh off of his ACM Entertainer Of The Year award in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean has released his track ‘Lights Come On’. ‘Lights Come On’ is the lead single from Aldean’s upcoming seventh album. All of Aldean’s albums have earned a Platinum or better certificate and from the sounds of ‘Lights Come On’, this album will be no different.

“Being on stage is why I do what I do, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do,” said Aldean. “This song is all about that rush you can only get from stepping on stage and listening to fans sing along to every word. It’s about throwing the biggest party from the floor to the top of the rafters for all those people who spent their paycheck to come see us.”

‘Lights Come On’ is the perfect pairing of country and rock music. It is equally rough and rustic as well as being soulful and heartfelt. The heavy guitar and drumming is accompanied by Aldean’s gritty country vocals to create a classic country track. The beats and electric guitar solos give the track a more modern feel while still being a hard-core country song.

The track is about performing and the ‘lights’ that Aldean is referring to are the stage lights that he is so used to now. “When the lights come on, everybody’s screaming/ Lighters in the sky, yeah, everybody’s singing/ Every word to every song to a girl to/ take it home tonight/ When the lights come on”. The song is a kind of ode to his fans and gives a little insight into the country star’s life as a performer.

‘Lights Come On’ is a song about Aldean’s side of performing and will be a classic country hit with his ever-adoring fans.

‘Lights Come On’ is available now!


By Holly Licuanan

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