Reuniting with Epic Records’ L.A. Reid, Jennifer Lopez has released her new track ‘Ain’t Your Mama’. J. Lo premiered the track on the grand finale of American Idol during the week which saw the track shoot into the top 10 on the iTunes charts. The track was written by hitmakers Meghan Trainor and LunchMoney Lewis.

‘Ain’t Your Mama’ is a fast-paced dance track that embodies everything that is J. Lo. The track has R’n’B, pop and Spanish sounds that will get everyone dancing. The catchy melodies and pumping beats with Lopez’s charm and stellar performance presence makes this track one of her best yet.

The track is about getting too comfortable in a relationship and telling the partner to get their act together; all of which is presented in a fun and upbeat way to party along too. Artists Meghan Trainor and LunchMoney Lewis are known for their catchy hook lines that get stuck in your head for days, and ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ is no different. Throughout the song there are lines that everyone will sing along too. The “ah-yeah-yeah-yeah’s” and “no, I ain’t your mama” and the melody of the pre-chorus will be on repeat everywhere.

Although the track is a fun and upbeat track, Lopez still manages to showcase her smooth vocals in the pre-chorus: “We used to be crazy in love/ Can we go back to how we were?/ When did you get too comfortable?/ Cause I’m too good for that, I’m too good for that/ Just remember that, hey!”

‘Ain’t Your Mama’ is a classic J. Lo track that you can dance too anywhere and sing anytime.

‘Ain’t Your Mama’ is available now!




After winning the 2013 BRIT Critic’s Choice Award and being awarded the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Songwriting of the Year, Tom Odell has released his new album ‘Magnetised’. ‘Magnetised’ is taken off of Odell’s highly anticipated new album ‘Wrong Crowd’. The album was co-produced by Odell and Jim Abbiss who has worked with the likes of Adele and Arctic Monkeys.

‘Magnetised’ showcases everything that Tom Odell is about: fantastic songwriting and soaring vocals throughout. The track has a driving drumbeat and big sounds to match the big words written by English artist. The combination of drums, clapping, piano and electric sounds creates shape and dynamic throughout the track.

The chorus showcases Odell’s vast vocal range with “Cause it’s not right, I’m magnetized/ To somebody that don’t feel it/ Love paralyzed, she’s never gonna need me/ But sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky/ She’ll keep me hanging on”. The music and vocals build throughout the chorus creating anticipation before exploding with sound at the lyric “She’ll keep me hanging on”.

Other fantastic lyrics like “I wish I had a chance to let them know/ Their love is like a flower in the snow/ If it’s just pheromones then that may be/ I wish you had a little pheromones for me” flow so well with the musical accompaniment to create an emotional and beautiful track.

‘Magnetised’ is a musical brilliant track from the already successful Tom Odell and will keep him as one of the best new songwriters around.

‘Magnetised’ is available now!


P!NK – JUST LIKE FIRE (From the Original Motion Picture “Alice Through The Looking Glass”) [Sony]


Ahead of Disney’s release of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, global superstar P!nk has released the new track ‘Just Like Fire‘. ‘Just Like Fire’ was co-written by P!nk, Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter specifically for the film. This is the first track P!nk has written for a feature film and it will appear in the film as well as on the soundtrack.

‘Just Like Fire’ is an upbeat track that showcases P!nk’s amazing vocal abilities as well as her wonderful songwriting. The track is cinematic and you can almost see it being paired with the colourful and whimsical world of Underland.

‘Just Like Fire’ has the grit and grunge that P!nk is known for as well as still being uplifting and beautiful. The track begins with a simple acoustic guitar accompanied by a simple beat before exploding into the chorus. The addition of clapping and back-up singing creates a bigger sound, perfect for a film.

The chorus showcases P!nk’s wide vocal range with her gravelly low register flawlessly transitioning into a beautiful falsetto in an instant. ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ is about Alice returning to Underland to go back in time to save the Mad Hatter, and ‘Just Like Fire’ is the perfect heroine song to accompany the storyline.

“Just like fire, burning out the way/ If I can light the world up for just one day/ Watch this madness, colorful charade/ No one can be just like me any way/ Just like magic, I’ll be flying free/ I’mma disappear when they come for me/ I kick that ceiling, what you gonna take?/ No one can be just like me any way/ Just like fire, uh…”.

The bridge of the song sees P!nk rap some uplifting lyrics: “So I can get it running/ Just cause nobody’s done it/ Y’all don’t think I can run it/ But look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it/ Impossible? Please/ Watch, I do it with ease/ You just gotta believe”.

The whole track is uplifting and catchy and is the perfect track for ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’.

‘Just Like Fire’ is available to purchase now.




Leading up to her massive debut at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dami Im has released her track ‘(They Long to Be) Close To You’. ‘Close To You’ is featured on Dami’s upcoming album ‘Classic Carpenters’ and is a beautiful rendition of classics from the 1970’s.

“My intention was never to copy Karen’s voice or her tone,” says Dami. “Our voices naturally sound so different. I tried to bring out the joy and the innocence in the songs while singing them as honestly as I could as Dami, rather than pretending to be someone else.”

Dami successfully has created a beautiful rendition of the classic hit that does not derive from the original but still has its own ‘Dami’ spin on it. Dami’s flawless vocals serenade throughout the track as she sings with her heart and soul. The classic opening line “Why do birds suddenly appear, ev’ry time you are near?” introduces the song to Dami’s emotion and smooth vocals that flow throughout the track.

The trumpet solo in the middle of the track gives the track that little more of a cool jazz feel while also breaking up the short track. During this instrumental, Dami’s voice can be heard singing various ‘la-da-da’s’ perfectly over the top. The song is then played out with “woah-oh, close to you” and is finished quietly and peacefully. Dami’s voice and the smooth musical accompaniment is faded out in a tasteful and pretty way so you can keep enjoying the song until it’s last sound.

This track is everything that is Dami Im: beautiful, smooth and vocally wonderful while still being the classic track that everyone knows and loves.

‘(They Long to Be) Close To You) is available now!


By Holly Licuanan

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