Reigning CCMA ‘Male Artist of the Year’ Gord Bamford has released his new single ‘Don’t Let Her Be Gone’ after signing with ABC/Universal in Australia. ‘Don’t Let Her Be Gone’ is off of Bamford’s new album ‘Tin Roof’, which has already gone to number 1 in Canada.
“I am very excited about releasing my music in Australia. It is something that has been at the top of my to do list for years and I could not be happier about working with ABC/Universal to release what is my seventh album, but obviously my first for the Aussie market” said Bamford.
“The release of my first single in Australia today is a bigger deal to me than most people could understand.  I am an Australian by birth. I was born in Traralgon Victoria and moved to Canada with my mother when I was five years old,”

‘Don’t Let Her Be Gone’ is a heartbreakingly beautiful song about love and loss. The track has everything of a classic country break-up song while still being unique for Bamford. The music paired with Bamford’s amazing vocals creates a powerful track that everyone can relate to.

The track is heartbreaking fro the beginning with the minor key and soft musical start. The first line “I might have done it this time/ I might have crossed that line / I said some things/ She said some things” sets up the song for an emotional ride. The chorus is full of catchy melodies and that amazing twang in Bamford’s vocals that make this track an instant country classic.

The chorus is powerful with bigger and longer notes and backing vocals to create layers and dynamic to get the message across. The end of the song sees Bamford repeating the line “Don’t let her be gone” as if he were praying and wishing for his lover to not be gone.

The emotion and story that Bamford brings to the song is incredible and will see him as one of the biggest country acts for many more years to come.
‘Don’t Let Her Be Gone’ is available now!



Adam Harvey_The Backyard Sessions_Cover

After almost 20 years in the business, eight Golden Guitar Awards and over half a million albums sold, Adam Harvey has released his new track ‘A Little Less Lonely’. ‘A Little Less Lonely’ is taken off Harvey’s most recent album ‘Harvey’s Bar The Backyard Sessions’.

‘Little Less Lonely’ is a song that has frustrated the hell out of me I actually got given that song over in Nashville by a fella called Johnny Reid and I have tried to record this song for about the last five years and every time it just didn’t come up right and I just loved the song and I thought if it was done right it could be really good but in the past we just haven’t nailed it, so rather than putting it on an album with a version that I wasn’t really happy with I’ve thrown it back every time, I’ve put it away and we tried it again this time and for whatever reason we finally got the tempo right I think the key was just right, you know maybe I’m just getting older, a bit easier to please”

‘A Little Less Lonely’ is another hit from Harvey with its catchy melodies, moving lyrics and easy-to-listen to music. The track is a song about heartbreak; perfect for Harvey’s country sound.

Harvey’s deep vocals paint a somber picture and stirs emotions in everyone who has ever experienced heartbreak. Along with the smooth guitar melody and almost shuffle-beat, ‘A Little Less Lonely’ is easy so easy to listen to.

‘A Little Less Lonely’ is another instant classic for Adam Harvey and fans past and present will love it.

‘A Little Less Lonely’ is available now!




After praise from Sir Elton John on their last collaboration, DJ Netsky and Digital Farm Animal’s have released their new track ‘Work It Out’. ‘Work It Out’ is taken from Netsky’s upcoming album ‘3’ out May 20th.

The Belgium born drum & bass producer’s unique and niche sound explodes on ‘Work It Out’ with catchy hooks, electrifying drumming and a beautiful piano melody to balance everything out. Digital Farm Animal’s lyrics go perfectly with Netsky’s sound, making ‘Work It Out’ both beautiful while still being a great party track.

The track starts with a beautiful piano melody to go with the lyrics “Don’t you walk away/ I’ve given too much of me/ Can’t you understand?/ I know that it’s hard to see/ Time is on our hands/ And I don’t wanna waste no more/ I can’t afford to lose you” before exploding into a fast-paced dance track. After the first verse the track is mainly beats and the hook of “But we can, we can, we can, we can work it out/ Even if we try and it all burns down”.

‘Work It Out’ is a new and fresh dance track from DJ Netsky and Digital Farm Animals that sets modern music on a new path.

‘Work It Out’ is available now!




Australia’s sweetheart Delta Goodrem is back with her new single ‘Dear Life’. The multiple ARIA award winner and multiplatinum singer/songwriter has released the single following the success of ‘Wings’ last year. Delta also confirmed that she will be performing the new track at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards on May 8 in Melbourne.
The track is everything that Delta is about: flawless vocals, intricate music and moving lyrics. ‘Dear Life’ was written by Goodrem during her run as Grizabella in CATS. The track is an open letter to the universe and life about finding yourself and your meaning in this world; something only Delta could create a track about.
“Dear Life was a lightning bolt song moment – the song came very quickly and took on a life of it’s own. I felt so connected to it straight away it felt like one of those songs you channel. The song has a positive message, with clarity in its conversation with the listener about things you learn in life, with the chorus raising the questions you ask along the way. I really hear this song as something everyone can relate too and reflect about their own life when they listen,” said Goodrem.

Delta’s flawless vocals soar throughout the track as she sings with emotion and conviction that matches the meaningful lyrics. The powerful chorus features big sounds with backing vocals, percussion, piano and guitar along with Delta belting out questions to life.

“Dear life, am I doing this right?/ Can you see me tonight/ Can you help me dear life?/ And I know that I can’t understand/ What you hold in your hands for me/ Dear life” the lyrics of the song just go to show how talented Delta is in her songwriting abilities; and matched with her voice it is magical.

‘Dear Life’ is another hit from Australia’s own Delta Goodrem and will keep her as a national treasure in the future.

‘Dear Life’ is available now!


By Holly Licuanan

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