Artist, music industry visionary, innovative influencer, mogul and mega-producer DJ Khaled has released his new track ‘I Got The Keys’. ‘I Got The Keys’ features superstars Future and Jay Z and off of his highly anticipated ninth album. DJ Khaled premiered the music video for ‘I Got The Keys’ at the 2016 BET Awards Post-Show after unveiling the cover art and July 29th release date for the album ‘Major Key’.

‘I Got The Keys’ brings together three innovators of hip-hop and the mix of DJ Khaled, Future and Jay Z is truly brilliant. Between DJ Khaled vision and production, Jay Z’s wordplay and Future’s transcendent and catchy hook, this track will be stuck in your head for days.

The track starts with a spiraling synth melody over the top with syncopated beats, immediately creating a hardcore hip-hop vibe. Future’s pumping hook of “I got the keys, keys, keys” is then introduced and is brought into the track throughout. The auto-tune effect on Future’s vocals makes the track more modern and has a 21st century influence.

Jay Z’s rap throughout ‘I Got The Keys’ shows why he is one of the best in the biz. The track is riddles with explicit language, a clean version is available, which is typical of Jay Z and this genre. Jay Z’s rap tells a story and is almost like a conversation between two characters in some places. He mentions his wife Beyoncé, something both he and his wife are known for, and flawlessly transitions to Future’s round-a-bout hook.

Towards the end of the song the beat changes and becomes more jagged and syncopated than ever to break up the track before returning to the original tempo and beat to play out the song.

‘I Got The Keys’ brings together three hip-hop forces to create a fantastic track that will be stuck in your head for ages and brings music back to the correct way of doing hip-hop.

‘I Got The Keys’ is available now!




After her debut album ‘Hero’ went to #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and #6 on the ARIA Country Charts, Maren Morris has released her new single ‘80s Mercedes’. ‘80s Mercedes’ is the second single from ‘Hero’ and follows her debut single ‘My Church’ which spent sic weeks at #1 on the National Country Airplay chart.

‘80s Mercedes’ is a modern take on country music with a mix of rock and pop influences while still keeping within the country genre. Being a young and new artist, Maren Morris has successfully created a new and modern version of a typical country track with grittier electric guitar and light banjo and guitar slides.

The ‘oh, oh, oh’s’ and echoes in Morris’ vocals creates a more pop feel while a banjo slide is faintly heard in the background to give the country effect. In the pre-chorus the kick-drum becomes heavier and the guitar gets a bit darker to add a ‘rockier’ feel to the track. Morris’ lyrics and vocals paint a picture and tell a story throughout as she showcases her vocal abilities.

There are 80s phrases and throwbacks expertly slotted into the track, a nod to the fact that millennials are obsessed with the 80s and 90s these days; once again keeping the song modern and targeting Morris’ audience perfectly. The hook of the track “I’m a nineties baby/ In my eighties Mercedes” is a great example of this.

The gritty pre-chorus and bridge “Feel like a hard-to-get starlet when I’m driving/ Turning every head, hell I ain’t even trying/ Got them Ray-Ban shades pretty in pink/ Call me old school but hey” mentions the 80s classic Pretty In Pink and shows that the lyrics of ‘80s Mercedes’ were carefully and expertly written and cleverly though about.

Maren Morris’ ‘80s Mercedes’ is a fantastic modern country track and is sure to keep her as one of country music’s brightest new talents.

‘80s Mercedes’ is available now!



Celebrating 25 years together, Human Nature have released their track ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’. Since signing in 1994, Human Nature have had five number 1 albums in Australia and have achieved 24 platinum awards, not to mention their successful residency in Las Vegas.

‘Gimme Some Lovin’’ is Human Nature’s take on the classic track by The Blues Brothers and is everything Human Nature is loved and known for. Between the old school barbershop/50s vibe, flawless vocal harmonies and undeniable energy in the track, the Aussie boys have successfully made another classic their own.

The track itself is a classic 50s rock song with it’s simple lyrics and catchy hook of a chorus. The addition of a big band and loud brass section mixed with the rock piano and thumping beat of the drum drives the track and creates an abrupt and fun track that everyone can dance and sing a long to.

The tight vocal harmonies that accompany the track gives the track another old-school feel. The ‘oh’s’ and ah’s’ and ‘gimme gimme some lovin’’ layered in the background gives the effect of a big church choir and makes you want to sing a long even more than the main melody.

Once again, the guys from Human Nature have redone a classic track in the best way possible. Fans of the original and Human Nature themselves will love this rendition of ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’.

‘Gimme Some Lovin” is available now!





After her smash hit ‘Wings’ hit #1 on the ARIA Charts, starring as Grizabella in Cats The Musical, and ‘Dear Life’ achieving Gold status, the multi-talented Delta Goodrem has released her new track ‘Enough’. ‘Enough’ sees Goodrem team up with rapper Gizzle who also co-wrote the track with Goodrem and others. ‘Enough’ is off of Delta’s new album ‘Wings Of The Wild’.

‘Enough’ is an explosive track and is a new direction and sound for the Aussie songstress. The addition of a rap and the big new sound is like nothing we’ve heard from Delta and shows her growth as an artist. The track showcases Delta’s expert songwriting abilities as well as her powerhouse vocals throughout and is an uplifting yet heart-breaking song.

The track is introduced with a gorgeous piano melody before being stripped back to a pumping R’n’B beat and rap by Gizzle before Delta’s flawless vocals take over. From the first chorus onwards the track explodes into layers and layers of expertly produced and written music to create dynamic and movement throughout.

A strings section, flute, drums, piano and electric guitar creates a new pop/rock sound, more edgy than Delta’s previous work. This new, dark side of Delta goes perfectly with Gizzle’s rap throughout the track and the addition of a choir just adds more and more to make the track one of the biggest from Delta.

From the second chorus onwards Delta showcases her amazing vocal range by singing the melody an octave high over the top of the original melody and the harmonies form the choir makes this track larger than life. Delta’s undeniable vocal abilities shine throughout this track from her husky low range to the soaring upper register is envious.

‘Enough’ is available now!


By Holly Licuanan


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