Australian pop royalty Tina Arena is back with her new track ‘I Want To Love You’. ‘I Want To Love You’ is the first single off Tina’s 11th album cleverly titled ‘Eleven’.

“It speaks about being consumed and completely infatuated with someone but knowing they’re possibly not right for you or that the relationship won’t work despite how desperately you want it to. I think we’ve all been there at some point!” says Tina about the new single.

Fans past and present of Tina will not be disappointed as her voice cascades through the track effortlessly. With lyrics like “I want to love you but my head says no. I want to kiss you but I don’t come close,” and “It’s never enough, never enough” ‘I Want To Love You’ is a powerfully ballad about lost love that audience can relate to.

The simple beat and piano chord progression along with Tina’s echoed singing introduces the song, a fragile start to go with fragile lyrics. The song then builds to the chorus where a choir is introduced in the background that gives the song a powerful dynamic and feeling.

The giving and taking of instruments paired with Tina’s powerful voice creates the perfect heart-wrenching emotion that the song is about. The song is a new modern sound for Tina while still keeping with her own classic sound that people love.

When you pre-purchase ‘Eleven’ people will get a free copy of the single ‘I Want To Love You’.

‘I Want To Love You’ is available to purchase now.



After debuting at #6 on the ARIA Album Charts, Tuka has released the third single from his solo album ‘My Star’. ‘My Star’ is featured on Tuka’s solo album ‘Life Death Time Eternal’. The Thundamentals member recently tested out his live show at popular festival Splendour In The Grass and will be taking the show nationally through October and November.

‘My Star’ is a hip-hop jam with catchy hooks like “when I wish upon a star, I wonder where you are, I wonder where you are” accompanied by the main melody being whistled during the song will be stuck in peoples head in no time.

‘My Star’ is a mix of Tuka rapping during the verses and him singing in the chorus along with a female vocalist harmonizing. The harmonies in the chorus break up the song from Tuka’s soft but intense vocals and enforces the message of the song: “I wonder where you are”.

The music in ‘My Star’ is fairly simple which leaves room for listeners to focus on Tuka’s rapping and the beat to go with it. Like every good hip-hop track the rapping in the verses is the main attraction with fast-paced lyrics that are unique to Tuka’s rough voice.

‘My Star’ is an easy-listening track that will have people whistling along and tapping their foot to the beat.

‘My Star’ is available to purchase now.



Breakout star Hasley has released her new single ‘Hold Me Down’ off her full-length debut album ‘BADLANDS’. ‘Hold Me Down’ is the second single from ‘BADLANDS’ after the success of ‘Ghost’.

‘Hold Me Down’ has been described as “a little bit Lorde, a little Lana Del Rey, and a whole lot of punk” (Fader) and is a representation of Halsey’s mental state, a metaphorical place Halsey has lived in for years.

Halsey shows her unique-ness in her sound and as an artist in ‘Hold Me Down’. The track starts with a simple techno-beat before the addition of a deeper beat and Halsey’s individual voice. The chorus then adds more percussion and instruments and an echo in Halsey’s vocals with the initial techno-beat staying constant throughout the song.

“It’s the devil that’s trying to hold me down” is the introduction to the pounding chorus that is all about being knocked down. The chorus is full of repetition in lyrics that matches expertly with the beat of the percussion in the background. ‘Hold Me Down’ makes you want to stomp and march and sing along in the best way possible.

Halsey’s unique sound and approach to music that earns her the praise of “Halsey is set to become one of the most important pop figures of this decade,” (Music Feeds).

‘Hold Me Down’ is available to purchase now.

Check out Halsey’s heartbreaking live acoustic performance of ‘Hold Me Down’ here



After the worldwide success of ‘Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)’ Jamaican sensation OMI has released ‘Hula Hoop’. ‘Hula Hoop’ is from OMI’s upcoming debut album ‘Me 4 U’.

‘Hula Hoop’ is a cheerful track that is everything that made OMI such a success. The mixture of island beats, brass instruments, simple chord progressions, and catchy hooks creates a track that will be played on repeat everywhere for sure.

“Like a hula hula hoop” is the catchy line of the single that will be going around in listener’s heads like a hula hoop. Much like ‘Cheerleader’ ‘Hula Hoop’ has a cool island feel to it that’s makes you want to sway and dance along to it on a tropical beach. OMI’s vocals add to the feel of the song with his husky but wide vocal range in the song.

‘Hula Hoop’ will secure OMI’s status as a hit-maker in music today with his second single that will have you singing and dancing and be stuck in your head for a long time.

‘Hula Hoop’ is available to purchase now.


By Holly Licuanan

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