After the release of their highly anticipated second album ‘7/27’, Fifth Harmony have released their new track ‘All in My Head (Flex)’. ‘All In My Head’ also features hip-hop artist Fetty Wap.        

‘All In My Head’ is a cool pop/R’n’B track that is a new and fun sound from the superstar girl group. Since the huge success of tracks like ‘Worth It’ and ‘Work From Home’ Fifth Harmony has perfected the formula for a successful track. Their diverse vocals mixed with catchy hook-line chorus’ and the feature of a rapper/hip-hop artist has once again created a track that will be stuck in everyone’s heads.

The track is a mixture of fun and sexy with the sensual lyrics like “Flex, time to impress/ Come and climb in my bed/ Don’t be shy, do your thing” and “ I wanna feel you un- feel you under my body” paired with the fun bass line and hook line makes the track mature, much like their newer material, while still being age appropriate for the girls and their fans.

The addition of Grammy Award nominated artist Fetty Wap gives the track that extra cool and swag that is perfect for the lyrics of the song. Fetty Wap gives the male side of the story of the song and breaks up the track. Fetty Wap’s solo gives ‘All In My Head’ a break from the extremely catchy hook “Flex, time to impress” and “It’s all in my head”.

‘All In My Head (Flex)’ featuring Fetty Wap is another great track from the girls of Fifth Harmony and is sure to keep them on the roll of world domination.

‘All In My Head (Flex)’ is available now!




After dropping one of the hottest album’s this year, Beyoncé has released her new track ‘Hold Up’. ‘Hold Up’ is the current focus from the #1 album ‘Lemonade’ and has already topped the charts around the world. ‘Hold Up’ was co-produced with Diplo and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

‘Hold Up’ is another insight into the controversial storyline of the ‘Lemonade’ album and is another brilliant track from Queen Bey. The track is cool with island and Jamaican influences paired with Beyoncé’s flawless vocals, rapping and singing. ‘Hold Up’ is a love song but still has all of the sass and attitude that the beginning of the ‘Lemonade’ story tells.

The musical accompaniment to the track has all of the influence from Diplo and Ezra Koenig, two sounds that have come together perfectly. Diplo’s EDM/electronic sounds echo in the background and don’t saturate the track while Koenig’s laid-back and unique sounds gives the track an almost sarcastic and salacious sound because of the explicit lyrics; a fantastic juxtaposition.

The chorus of ‘Hold Up’ is amazingly catchy and gives the story of the song in only a few lines: “Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you/ Slow down, they don’t love you like I love you/ Back up, they don’t love you like I love you
Step down, they don’t love you like I love you/ Can’t you see there’s no other man above you?
What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you/ Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you”.

Once again, Beyoncé has expertly created a track that is unique and fresh to the music scene and is a perfect example of why she is the Queen.

‘Hold Up’ is available now!




Multi-platinum selling artist Armando Christian Perez, better known as Pitbull, has teamed up with global superstar Enrique Iglesias for his new track ‘Messin’ Around’. This is the fourth collaboration between the Grammy Award-winning Pitbull and Iglesias and is, once again, a great party track that will get everyone moving.

After the huge success of the pair’s previous hits, it is no surprise that ‘Messin’ Around’ is a great upbeat track that everyone will love. Unlike their previous tracks, ‘Messin’ Around’ is not as fast-paced and pumping, but is more cool and smooth while still being a fun party track.

Pitbull’s fast raps, pumping percussion and catchy up-beat chorus’ make ‘Messin’ Around’ a classic Pitbull track. The addition of Enrique Iglesias’ voice just makes the track that much sexier, which is exactly what this song is about. The track is about messing around with people and with lyrics like: The way you lick your lips/ Yeah, I like that, I like that/ When you act like a bad girl/ I like that, I like that/ That little sexy look you got”, Enrique and Pitbull are the only two artists that can pull off a track like this.

‘Messin’ Around’ is another catchy and fun track from Pitbull and is sure to be playing everywere and stuck in everyone’s heads.

‘Messin’ Around’ is available now!



10 - Brad Paisley - Without a Fight (feat. Demi Lovato) - Brad Paisley
Off of his forthcoming 10th studio album Brad Paisley has released his new track ‘Without A Fight’. ‘Without A Fight’ sees Paisley team up with multi-platinum artist Demi Lovato and was co produced by Paisley himself and Luke Wooten.

‘Without A Fight’ is a great country track about love and getting through the bad times of a relationship, something country music is perfect for. The addition of Lovato’s powerhouse vocals creates depth and dynamic for the song and gives the feel of a real couple singing about their relationship and feelings; much like storytelling.

Lovato’s usual pop-vocals go perfectly with Paisley’s country twang and makes ‘Without A Fight’ a bit more modern and rock without steering away from the classic country sound. Paisley’s gritty and manly vocals tell a story throughout the track and he showcases his wonderful vocal range throughout.

The story of a couple who love each other so much but fight all the time is as old as time and Lovato and Paisley tell it wonderfully through song with lyrics like: “Good as we are at gettin’ it on/ How come we just can’t get along?/ The way we love, it don’t seem right/ The way we fuss, the way we fight/ I got a crazy idea, how ’bout maybe tonight/ We make up without a fight”.

The vocal harmonies and call-and-response in the bridge create more story and dynamic throughout the track and the electric guitar solo in the middle makes the track more rock’n’roll and gritty; perfect for the fighting lyrics of the song.

‘Without A Fight’ is a great country track with help from Demi Lovato’s powerhouse vocals that will stir up emotion in anyone.

‘Without A Fight’ is available now!


By Holly Licuanan



One Direction surprised fans this week by releasing the brand new single ‘Drag Me Down’. The British boy-band dropped the song on iTunes and Spotify with no fanfare before its premiere.

Fans were in a whirlwind as the rocky-sounding track was released, the first track after the departure of Zayn Malik. ‘Drag Me Down’ was written by Jamie Scott, John Ryan and Julian Bunetta and produced by Ryan and Bunetta.

The song incorporates the soaring vocal harmonies that ‘directioners’ have grown to love and the more mature rock sound that the band has progressed into. A true fan will be able to identify each band member’s voice, even during the vocally layered chorus that everyone will be singing along to.

The thumping bass and crashing guitars shows the band’s growth and maturity in their sound. The impressive vocal ranges that all boys show off in the song are sure to get fans reeling with excitement.

Drag Me Down’ is sure to be another pop anthem for One Direction and will keep their major success going leading up to their fifth album, which will be released this November.

Drag Me Down’ is available to purchase now!



After singing her way into Australia’s hearts on the X-Factor in 2014, country singer Caitlyn Shadbolt has signed to ABC Music and has announced the release of a self-titled EP out August 21. The EP features her new single ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ that was produced by Andrew Cochrane.

Shoot The Lights’ is a catchy country song with sing-along hooks about long hot summer nights and sure to appeal to the wild, free and young at heart.

I really love this next single!” said Caitlyn. “I think everyone has felt like this at some stage in their life – it reminds people to live young!”

Shoot Out The Lights’ has the sound of an early Taylor Swift, back in her country days, with melodies that people will definitely be singing along to. The mix of acoustic and electric guitar with a steady beat throughout the song is perfect for Shadbolt’s country sound that she expertly showed on the X-Factor.

The repetitive melody throughout the chorus with lyrical hooks like ‘shoot ‘em up shoot ‘em up’ and ‘let ‘em say we’re the crazy ones, crazy ones’ will make Caitlyn country’s new sweetheart for sure. Even if you are not a fan of country music ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ will have you tapping your toes and singing along in no time.

Watch the video for Caitlyn’s first single ‘Maps Out The Windowhere.

Catch Caitlyn on tour this year
8 August – Mt Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo
27 August – Gympie Music Muster – Main Stage, 4:30pm
29 August – Gympie Music Muster – Muster Club Stage, 8:00pm
30 August – Gympie Music Muster – Muster Club Stage, 4:00pm
5 September – Rainbow Beach Spring Festival – Rainbow Beach Community Centre
25 September – Walrus Club, Reggatta Hotel, Toowong 8pm (Unwired tour with Travis Collins & Mickey Pye)
26 September – Palmswood Hotel, Palmswood 8pm (Unwired tour with Travis Collins & Mickey Pye)
2 October – Relay For Life Fundraiser, Gympie QLD
3 October – Murwillumbah Country Roots Festival
17 October – Goldrush Festival, Nelson Reserve, Gympie
11 December – Royal Hotel, Gympie 8pm (Unwired tour with Travis Collins & Mickey Pye)
12 December – Beerwah Hotel, Beerwah 8pm (Unwired tour with Travis Collins & Mickey Pye)
13 December – Ballina RSL Club 8pm (Unwired tour with Travis Collins & Mickey Pye)

Shoot Out The Lights’ is available to purchase now!



Grammy award-winning musician Shaggy is back with the new single ‘I Need Your Love’. The single is a collaborative track with artists from 3 continents contributing such as Afro-Pop star Mohobi, Romanian musician Costi and Australian singer Faydee. Check out the video here

I Need Your Love’ is a track with the reggae elements that Shaggy is known for and Spanish guitar to give the song the perfect party feel. The single has the feel of being at a summer beach party with its percussive elements and ‘da di da da dum’ hook just before the catchy chorus ‘I need your love, I need your love, I need your la la la la la love’.

Shaggy’s unique voice features throughout the track and stays true to his reggae sound that got him nominated 6 times for Best Reggae album. This single will be sure to keep Shaggy as one of the best dance and reggae artists about.

Shaggy will be touring Australia in May 2015.
Sydney: 16 May at The Big Top and 22 May Rooty Hill RSL
Brisbane: 27 May at Eatons Hill
Hobart: 20 May at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre
Melbourne: 21 May at Forum Theatre
Perth: 23 May at Astor Theatre

‘I Need Your Love’ is available to purchase now!



David Rhodes, a.k.a Rhodes, is an artist to watch this year with his powerful track ‘Close Your Eyes’. The Hertfordshire native has supported London Grammer, George Ezra and Sam Smith while also selling out his own shows at London’s Village Underground in March.

After covering Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ for BBC Radio One’s Piano Sessions all eyes were on Rhodes and even Swift herself tweeted the musician praising him.

Close Your Eyes’ is the first official single off Rhodes’ debut album, ‘Wishes’, out September 18. “It’s about my fear of performing,” Rhodes says of the single, “I wanted to make this a little more ambiguous so I changed it to the third person and made it more about me talking to somebody else-when really it’s me talking to myself.

Rhodes’ effortless voice serenades throughout the song building before the chorus where his amazing vocal abilities are shown off. The contrast between the softer, more haunting verses and the powerful chorus gives the song the emotion it deserves.

From the very first line of ‘Maybe I’m, maybe I am just as scared of you’, Rhodes catches your attention with his smooth tone and simple melody before building into the chorus. During the chorus percussion is introduced which drives the song further before drawing everything back for the second verse by taking away most of the powerful percussion.

Close Your Eyes’ is a song full of emotion that will see Rhodes have a long and successful career.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is available for purchase now!



After the huge success of ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, ‘Poison’, and ‘Black Widow’ with Iggy Azalea international pop star Rita Ora has released her new single ‘Body On Me’ featuring Chris Brown ahead of her eagerly anticipated second album.

Rita’s sultry voice goes perfectly with Chris Brown’s velvety singing on the track that gives the song a sexy desire to go with the lyrics. The combination of ‘I just want to feel you body on me’ and Rita Ora’s husky singing voice is exactly what fans will love with this new track.

Like most duets ‘Body On Me’ is a sort of call-and-response between Ora and Brown that gives the song the underlying theme of instinctual desire. ‘Just imagine us’ is sung by both Ora and Brown before the chorus to signify the mutual want for each other that the song is about.

The chanting and percussion throughout the song will have people swaying along to the single and is the perfect late-night party song. Both Brown and Ora showcase there impressive singing in this track while still creating a sultry party track that fans of both will love.

The video for ‘Body On Me’ will premiere August 21 and was directed by Colin Tilley who has worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Kendrick Lamar.

Rita Ora has been busy in between her successful debut album Ora and the lead up to her next album with beginning an acting career (Ora has had roles in films Fifty Shades Of Grey, Southpaw, and the television show Empire), collaborating with Adidas to create her own line of clothing, being a judge on the UK’s X Factor, and being the face of Rimmel London.

Rita Ora is sure to keep her international success going with ‘Body On Me’ and her upcoming album.

‘Body On Me’ feat. Chris Brown is available to purchase now!


By Holly Licuanan

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