Tom Hiddleston Makes Bella Dreams Come True

The dreams of a 12 year old teenager Bella Terlich, came true as to being able to meet actor Tom Hiddleston today on the Gold Coast. What would make the teenager over the moon more if she was to meet her Pop Idol Taylor Swift. In a impulse upon hearing the news that the high profile couple arrived in town yesterday her family packed the bags from the Sunshine Coast and booked into Peppers Broadbeach this morning.
As to chance arriving in time Bella, got Introduced to Tom Hiddleston as he came back to the hotel after a beach jog, and a representative of Channel 10 arranged for Bella to have a quick meet and photo before he went back up to his room. Bella was able to express how wonderful it was to meet him but she was also a huge fan of his new girlfriend. The chance of just having met the actor Tom Hiddleston who is in town for the filming of Thor Ragnark, just made my life as she cried. I only hope that I’m able to have the chance to meet maybe Taylor Swift while I’m still here as I just love her so much and think she is the best super pop star in the world says Bella.

The Frenzy of all the media that has been outside the Pepper’s Hotel Broadbeach since yesterday and are all hoping that the Pop Princess will make an appearance with her new Prince Charming Tom.

Caroline Russo

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  1. Annabelle on July 9, 2016

    It’s so wonderful how one of my very good friends ( Bella she goes to my school ) is having such a great weekend!!! I hope she never forgets this moment