Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular beaches in the world, and for good reason. Here’s a review of Bondi Beach based on its various aspects: my recent visit there in mid-August 2023 and as I stayed just across from the beach it was quite a special stay and released why Bondi Beach is still so famous.

Best things I did and liked.

1 Eating Hotel Bondi Beach. Best roast dinners for August delas were $15.00 and happy hours are good to check on. Great atmosphere in the courtyard right in front of the beach, and put on heaters at night if chilly. That was my office when I needed it and to chill out for meals.

2 On the Weekends there are the Markets in Campbell Pde at the Public School and on Saturday its lots of food stuff to eat and buy and great value there and good shopping for other things. Sunday was less food shopping and more to do with arts and crafts and interesting clothes second hand and got myself some good bargains.

3. The beach is divine and woke up looking at it every morning of my stay for over a week. It has a special energy for sure and you smell the Saltwater it is oxygen to the lungs and understand why it is so famous a beach. Also featuring on the upper level is the Pavilion which has art to see and can host films and theatre. The cafe next door has reasonable prices for food and drinks and what better way to sit and watch the passing crowds? The Ferris Wheel can’t forget that but don’t like heights so did not do it but its a treat if you love to go around and get great views all around.

4. Cooffe hit or quick take aways and healthy drinks SHUK .. Very good!

5. Gelato La Mamma Del Gelato is the best ever and no matter ow cold there was a queue for it. Love love it.

6. Best Bar Poo Soup I went back twice as this is a small place run by a German man and Asian lady who have a great rep for their food and bone soups that are as healthy as, and I quite overdid on dinner outing but enjoyed everything highly recommended.

7. The locals are friendly and had some good chats and a few good shops to check out but I went for venture to Op shop as I do like them to ponder and needed a couple of things and found them plus some rather divine shoes that were Dolce Gabana but not for sale as only display. Lots of interesting houses around and gardens. Also, the public transport is fabulous to get around.

8. To end with got to visit HARRYS best smashed avocado and coffee for breakfast and it has a good local vibe there.

Natural Beauty (5/5): Bondi Beach boasts stunning natural beauty. The golden sands stretch for about a kilometer, framed by turquoise waters and picturesque cliffs. The surrounding area is lush with parks and coastal walks, offering breathtaking views of the coastline.

Swimming and Surfing (4/5): Bondi is renowned for its surf, making it a haven for surfers of all skill levels. The waves can be quite powerful, which may not be suitable for beginners, but there are designated swimming areas with lifeguards for safety. The beach’s strong currents should be respected, though.
Lifeguard Services (5/5): Bondi Beach is famous for its highly trained lifeguards who vigilantly patrol the beach. They provide an essential safety net for swimmers and surfers. The Bondi Rescue TV series has made these lifeguards even more famous.

Atmosphere and Vibes (4/5): Bondi has a unique, lively atmosphere. It’s a hub for both locals and tourists, and there’s a constant buzz of activity. You’ll find a diverse crowd here, from sunbathers and families to fitness enthusiasts and backpackers.

Dining and Cafes (5/5): Bondi boasts an array of fantastic dining options. The nearby Campbell Parade is lined with cafes, restaurants, and bars offering a wide range of cuisines. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast, sip on coffee, or have a leisurely dinner with ocean views.
Shopping (3/5): While Bondi Beach itself isn’t a shopping destination, the nearby Bondi Junction has a large shopping mall with plenty of high-street and designer brands.

Accessibility (4/5): Bondi is easily accessible from Sydney’s city center via public transport. Buses run frequently to and from Bondi Junction, from where it’s a short ride to the beach.
Activities (4/5): Beyond swimming and sunbathing, Bondi offers various activities like beach volleyball, coastal walks, and yoga classes. The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is particularly popular and offers stunning views along the way.

Crowds (3/5): Bondi can get incredibly crowded, especially on weekends and during the summer months. If you prefer a quieter beach experience, consider visiting during weekdays or exploring less crowded beaches nearby.
Sunsets (5/5): Bondi Beach is famous for its spectacular sunsets. Watching the sun dip below the horizon while sitting on the sand or at a beachside cafe is a magical experience.
In conclusion, Bondi Beach in Sydney is a must-visit destination for its natural beauty, active atmosphere, and excellent dining options. While it can get crowded, the lifeguard services and the overall experience make it a top-notch beach destination. Whether you’re a surfer, a sunbather, or just someone looking for a vibrant beachside experience, Bondi Beach has something to offer everyone.

Photos copywrite to Caroline Russo

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