Even more than the identity politics, Triple X is a love story between two very conflicted, passionate souls. And who doesn’t love a sexy, thwarted romance?!” Glace Chase

It’s not often a piece of work comes along that threatens to completely challenge society’s perception of love, but that’s exactly what Queensland Theatre’s upcoming production, Triple X is set to do.

Billed as the first trans love story on the Australian mainstage, Triple X is written by (and stars) acclaimed New York-based Australian performer/playwright/screenwriter/comedienne, Glace Chase, and will run from March 14 to April 4 in Queensland Theatre’s Bille Brown Theatre.

Triple X examines the relationship between straight ‘Wall Street banker bro’, Scotty (Akos Armont), and Dexie (Chase), a trans performer with whom he starts an affair, just a few months out from his wedding to his ‘perfect’ fiancée.

Says Glace Chase, “Whilst the concept of ‘trans’ has finally hit the mainstream over the last few years, the next big story to be told is “trans in love”. I think very few people have any concept of what a romantic relationship looks like between a trans person and those interested in them. It’s a unique story and it’s mainly from the point of view of the straight guy who is romantically interested in a trans woman. We’ve never seen something (empathetically) explore what he and they go through. I think the general public still struggles to fully understand the trans experience, but I think they want to. Hopefully this will help.”

Triple X also stars Queensland Theatre multi-award winners Christen O’Leary (Antigone, Twelfth Night), as Scotty’s mum, Deb, and Meyne Wyatt (City of Gold) as his best mate, Jase. Making her Queensland Theatre debut is Contessa Treffone (STC’s Lord of the Flies and The Harp in the South) in the role of Scotty’s sister, Claire.

As well as an unconventional love story, Triple X also contains strong language and explicit sex scenes. Chase, who is a two-time winner of the prestigious Griffin Award, knows this may be confronting for some audience members, but believes it to be a truthful representation of the characters’ lives.

“In my world people speak and act like this. I understand that it might be shocking for some but you can’t unlink explicit sexuality from the romantic reality of many trans people’s lives. We so often exist in the shadows. I wanted to be brutally honest and make people experience what it’s like from the inside,” she explains.

Whilst the story is Chase’s own, she freely admits Triple X would not have made it to the stage without the unwavering support of Director, Paige Rattray.

Says Rattray, “Glace is one of the most entertaining but also profound writers I’ve worked with. It can be an unusual combination; often comedy can overtake tragedy or vice versa. Glace rides this wave expertly in Triple X. I think only someone with her particular lived experience would be able to navigate that trickiness within this particular narrative. The toxic masculinity, examination of societal ‘norms‘, gender politics and love; it’s all woven together expertly. Working with her on this play has definitely changed the way I think about the world and I feel very lucky.”

Triple X – The Story

Scotty has it all: a multimillion-dollar loft in downtown Manhattan, a high-flying Wall Street job, and he’s about to marry the perfect fiancée, who also happens to be loaded. But when he meets trans performance artist Dexie, he discovers he wants something more. A friend? A confidante? A lover?

When the secret of their affair gets out, it’s sure to shock not only his dude-bro Jase, his highly-strung mother Deb, and his lesbian activist sister Claire, but also a theatre audience strapped in for the ride of their lives. From the wickedly funny pen of Australian-born, New York-based Glace Chase, this play is an hilarious, honest and emotionally affecting look at entitlement, hypocrisy, and the realities of love.


Scotty Akos Armont

Jase Meyne Wyatt

Claire Contessa Treffone

Deborah Christen O’Leary

Dexie Glace Chase


Writer Glace Chase

Director Paige Rattray

Designer Renee Mulder

Lighting Designer Ben Hughes

Composer & Sound Designer Kelly Ryall

Intimacy & Fight Director Nigel Poulton


This production contains adult themes, frequent strong language, explicit sexual references and sex scenes.


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Tue 10 Mar, 6pm

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Mon 23 Mar, 6:30pm


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