Rove making a comeback to his own TV show Saturday Night has received a lot of criticism from fans and former professionals who some have said to go back to the old format. In viewing the last 2 episodes I have to agree! It feels flat, not funny, and guests are not interesting nor are the sidekicks.

To have former Prime Minister who is so aggravating at the least Kevin Rudd was another mistake and found me in the fast forward mode as to most of the show. Comedian Judith Lucy as the voice-over does not work and has had bad feedback overall. Main comments are irritating! The ratings for the show showed that it failed with 138.000 in last week 2nd show episode.

IN the land of free TV the viewers are now in control to so much choice on streaming channels and are extra fussy on how time is spent in watching TV. In ratings, as they have come out today we see the top 16-39 entertainment show was on a multichannel 9GO!’s Friends, and the top 25-54 entertainment show was Nine’s film Twister.

Nine very narrowly won the combined primary channel/multichannel primetime* with a 30.4 share ahead of Seven’s 30.1, ABC’s 17.3, Ten’s continuing Epic Fail with a 12.0 share and SBS’ massive’ 10.2.

But ….When the multichannel shares are subtracted from the combined shares above, Ten’s primary channel fell to fifth place behind SBS in the 5 City Metro primary channel contest. Seven dominated both Adelaide and Perth’s primary channel contests.
7flix was the top multichannel with a high 5.6 share ahead of 9GO! with a high 5.3 share. As audiences abandoned the primary channels, for example: in Perth 7TWO, 7mate and 7flix all exceeded a high 5 share, beating both Ten and SBS’ primary channel shares.

The top multichannel shows were 7flix’s Romancing The Stone [167t]. SBS’ top show was Inside North Korea’s Dynasty [179t]. Thoroughly enjoyable insight.

Subscription TV’s top programs were Fox League’s Live: NRL Sea Eagles V Storm [196t] then Fox League’s Live: NRL Roosters V Panthers [170t].

*Primetime: 6.00 to Midnight, 5 City Metro Markets, Free To Air shares only [Subscription TV not included]. Share and audience data for channels ABC, 7, 9 and 10 represent network (aggregate) figures: they include all viewing to the broadcasters’ primary channel as well as SD and HD channels, whether the content is the same (simulcast) or different.

Dylan Mazurek
Aug 26
Just streamed #SaturdayNightRove on 10Play.
1. I’m not sure which demographic this is aimed at?
2. Judith Lucy is obnoxious.
3. Stop with the camera shit!
4. A lot of cross talk between Rove/guests/Judith.
5. Need funnier people.
6. Seemed like nothing happened.

What the…?

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  1. Lorena Quinlivan on September 1, 2019

    I guess I have to agree. I like Rove and was looking forward to the show but it seems to be falling flat. Even the young comedian was below par. I was trying to give her a go and kept listening and thought being on Rove she would be good, but no. Sorry Rove Celebrity name game has more interesting and funny guests. I also thought Judith Lucy was not funny on the show and at times was saying things just for the sake of speaking but perhaps shouldn’t. Luke, sorry mate, great concepts, but overdone. If he’d have lost the banana peels and cactus, maybe. But then, I struggle with his humour at the best of times.