The Peasant Prince & The Moon’s a Balloon


You have your secret dreams. Follow them. Make them come true.
From The Peasant Prince by Li Cunxin

The award-winning theatre company for young people, Monkey Baa Theatre Company, will bring The Peasant Prince, a new Australian play based on the incredible story of Mao’s Last Dancer to The Arts Centre Gold Coast stage.

The Peasant Prince will be performed from 4 to 5 July as part of a series of winter school holiday shows and workshops on offer at the Centre.

Following the international success of his autobiography, Mao’s Last Dancer, Li Cunxin authored The Peasant Prince, a children’s picture book based on his memoirs.

The play begins as a young Li Cunxin is taken from his small rural village in northern China to study at an elite dance academy in Beijing. Although the training is gruelling, he is inspired by dreams of a better life for both him and his family. When a famous ballet master from the USA visits the academy, his life is changed forever.

“It’s always my hope that my life experiences inspire young people to follow their dreams and to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in their lives,” said Li.

“I think my story proves that with hard work, dedication and determination, anything is possible. You can be successful in anything, if you are willing to go that extra mile.”

In close development with Li Cunxin, The Peasant Prince was adapted and written by Monkey Baa.

Creative Directors, Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry, who also provides direction. The Peasant Prince stars John Gomez Goodway (Oneness: Voice Without Form, His Mother’s Voice), Jenevieve Chang (Club Shanghai, Stories Then and Now), Jonathan Chan (The Secret Island, Turnadot Reimagined) and Edric Hong (Winter Retreat, A Play Like This).

Exploring themes of belonging, motivation, loneliness and hope, The Peasant Prince will inspire young people to overcome their fears and follow their dreams.

‘My three granddaughters, 9, 7 and 5 were totally engaged throughout… as was I. I couldn’t believe you worked with only a cast of 4! And what a four they were!’ (Wollongong show)

‘The story content is inspiring and the magic of the story telling in this production is
exquisite.’ (Casula show).

‘Thank you for a performance that made me laugh and cry….you have adapted such a powerful and complex story into a warm-hearted theatre piece kids are going to love.’ (Deborah Abela, children’s author – Sydney show).

Creative Team Billing
Director – Tim McGarry
Writers – Eva Di Cesare, Sandie Eldridge & Tim McGarry
Set & Costume Designer – Michael Hankin
Movement Director – Danielle Micich (courtesy of Force Majeure)
Lighting Design – Sian James-Holland
Composer – Daryl Wallis
Script Consultant – Li Cunxin
Dramaturge – Camilla Ah Kin
Video Designer – David Bergman
Stage Manager – Kelly Ukena
Production Manager – Cally Bartley
Production Coordinator – Damion Holling
Technical Coordinator – Russell Stewart
Set & Costume Design Assistant – Charlie Davis
Set Construction – Thomas Creative
Costume Maker – Leah Giblin
Teaching Artists – Belinda Hoare, Luke Kerridge and Bali Padda

John Gomez Goodway – Li Cunxin
Jenevieve Chang – Niang / others
Jonathan Chan – Dia / others
Edric Hong – Cunfar / others


A Monkey Baa Theatre Company Production

Based on the book by Li Cunxin, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas

Adapted by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry

DATES Mon 4 Jul, 6.00pm

Tue 5 Jul, 10.30am and 2.00pm

DURATION 55mins (no interval)

COST Adult / Child / Concession $22.50 Family (2A+2C) $69.00

GENRE Children, Family!the-peasant-prince-at-the-arts-centre-gold-coast



Is the moon a balloon? It can be. A balloon can be whatever you want it to be…

The award-winning theatre company for young people, Patch Theatre Company, will bring The Moon’s a Balloon, a new Australian play to The Arts Centre Gold Coast stage.

The Moon’s a Balloon will be performed from 7 to 8 July as part of a series of winter school holiday shows and workshops on offer at the Centre.

The Moon’s a Balloon is a moving and eloquent story that explores childhood play, invention, friendship and connection in a highly visual performance that is beautifully complemented by magical lighting, digital imagery and a stunning soundscape.

Exploration, play and invention are at the heart of the way children make friends. The Moon’s a Balloon celebrates balloons, play and friendship in a visual-theatre-fest of music, image, light and story that will delight and inspire the hearts and minds of 3 – 8 year olds and their carers.

‘Keeping it simple has been a mantra for the team at Patch Theatre these many years. Never has this been clearer than in their latest offering, The Moon’s A Balloon. Using a humble balloon, they’ve created a little world in which the wonders are many, yet the messages are clear….The design by Morag Cook is a work of art in itself, deceptively simple yet playing cleverly with perspective… Brilliant lighting effects (David Gadsden) are a delight, and a terrific soundtrack from Adelaide’s own Josh Bennett includes one of the most infectious melodies heard on a local stage these many years. And oh – the balloons! This is must-see children’s theatre.’ The Advertiser

Thank you for The Moon’s a Balloon. Visually stunning, great sound, beautifully moved, gorgeous, clever, slick, happy show…I think that it would sit beautifully in the mind of a dreamy, visually adept child, a true gift of an experience.’ Susannah Sweeney, Adelaide Festival Centre

The Moon’s a Balloon

By Patch Theatre Company

DATES Thu 7 Jul, 6.00pm

Fri 8 Jul, 10.00am and 2.00pm

DURATION 45mins (no interval)

COST Adult / Child / Concession $22.50 Family (2A+2C) $69.00

GENRE Children, Family!the-moons-a-balloon-2


The Peasant Prince and The Moon’s a Balloon is part of the 2016 Family Series, proudly supported by
McGrath Estate Agents.

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