The world’s most visited multi-sensory experience celebrating the world’s most famous artist,
Van Gogh Alive comes to life at Northshore Brisbane this October.

Grande Experiences presents Van Gogh Alive, a multi-sensory experience to entertain the whole family. Van Gogh’s works have been displayed and enjoyed around the world for over a century – but never like this. For a limited time only, you have the unique opportunity to experience Van Gogh’s artistry, and truly venture into his world.

Van Gogh Alive is the large-scale, multi-sensory experience that has inspired over 7 million people across more than 70 cities around the world. The digital spectacular opens on Thursday 21st October for a strictly limited season at Northshore, Brisbane.

Says Andrew Kay: “We can’t wait to unveil the extraordinarily beautiful Grand Pavilion which we have designed specifically to showcase Van Gogh Alive. The Grand Pavilion is not only home to the Sensory 4TM Gallery which houses Van Gogh Alive, but it features four additional immersive spaces including the Instagrammable Van Gogh’s bedroom, Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night, where you can sit and enjoy a glass of Taittinger champagne, the amazing Infinity Sunflower Room, where you can stand in a never ending field of sunflowers. The spectacular Starry Night Room allows visitors to walk on air through Van Gogh’s famous painting ‘Starry Night’. Trust us, Brisbane hasn’t seen anything like ‘Van Gogh Alive at The Grand Pavilion’; this is undoubtedly the world’s most popular multi-sensory and mind-blowing art experience, and we are thrilled that Brisbane will be the second leg of its two-year multi-city tour.”

Created by Grande Experiences, Van Gogh Alive gives visitors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into Van Gogh’s artistry and truly venture into his world. Traditions of tiptoeing through silent galleries and viewing paintings from afar in quiet contemplation are forgotten as visitors find themselves interacting with art in ways they never imagined.

From start to finish, visitors are surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and fragrance that has been called an ‘unforgettable’ multi-sensory experience. Van Gogh’s masterpieces come to life, giving visitors the sensation of walking right into his paintings, a feeling that is simultaneously enchanting, entertaining and educational. Adults and children delight in the super-scale show, viewing artworks from new angles and discovering unique perspectives. Visitors also have the chance to examine Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside his works. Don’t worry about the kids getting bored – they’ll love it as much as you do!

Grande Experiences’ state-of-the-art SENSORY4™ immersive gallery combines with a tailored exhibition space to allow projection of enormous crystal-clear images. Set to an evocative classical score, a thrilling display of over 3,000 inspirational images transforms the world around you. You will truly lose yourself the vibrant colours and vivid details of Van Gogh’s work.

Says Bruce Peterson, Van Gogh Alive’s owner and creator: “Van Gogh Alive is an exceptionally innovative multi-sensory experience that took 18 months and countless iterations over the past decade to create. It was the very first of its kind in the world. Van Gogh Alive has really redefined the way many people around the world engage with art and culture and it has brought tremendous pleasure to audiences old and young, experienced and inexperienced in art and culture.”

Adults and children alike will forge their own paths and find their own meaning as they wander through the galleries, exploring hidden nooks, viewing artworks from new angles and discovering unique perspectives. Visitors have the chance to examine Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside his works. But for many, the greatest pleasure lies in simply standing still, indulging the senses as waves of sights and sounds, intense and beautiful, wash over them.

Season Details

Where: Northshore, Brisbane
When: from Friday 29th October 2021
Tickets: From $35
Bookings: from Friday 30th July 2021

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