Veronica Grey Is Welcomed To Franchise Four Part Series Saga :Snow Moon Cinderella Chronicles

Worst Shark Attack Ever Star Veronica Grey to be The Oracle in Altman’s Snow Moon

Veronica Grey is given a very special warm welcome by the creator of the franchise of a four part series/saga Snow Moon Cinderella Chronicles, an action adventure fantasy film which is animated.

Veronica Grey was specially chosen by Snow Moon’s creator Alexandria Altman who knew she was perfect for the part, Veronica will be playing the Oracle in all four films, the part is way more challenging than expected, but we will have to await the novel and movie just to see how she will perform her character. With brilliance and with her passion for film for our planet and loyal to all she performs and lives her life in a world of beauty in the islands in paradise in Hawaii, Veronica will give the audience her all as she does in her real life with passion, a performance that no one will forget in her role in Snow Moon .

Miss Altman and Miss Grey have worked together in the past on two films where Veronica was the leading Actress and Miss Altman was Associate Producer and as fate would have it they have come together once more to not only work on Altman’s fairytale adventure but also a great adventure in real life, as Veronica Grey has made a discovery of a lifetime where Leonardo Dicaprio has stepped in to support Veronica Grey and lend his ear and voice, as Alexandria Altman is also brought aboard with Dicaprio and Grey to help with their world wide mission Project “The Worst Shark Attack Ever” documentary film which will take Grey, Dicaprio and Altman where they will raise awareness world wide, which brings us back to Altman’s film that has a huge message of survival.

A small world, Altman and Grey laugh and at the same time are taking on such passion for film and dedication to make the world a better place with their reconnection, it seems as though things have come full circle with Altman and Grey and also Pamela Wohlsen of SWG Studio Productions, Alexandria’s Agent on the Gold Coast in Queensland where many films are now being shot including Johnny Depp’s New Pirates of the Caribbean 5 which is in early stages with filming beginning early next year.

Australia is a perfect home for films and Queensland’s Gold Coast area in particular is fast becoming the next Hollywood with it’s vast beautiful filming locations of beaches, nature reserves and other areas. Who knows, Snow Moon may also film in Australia as as of yet, the filming location has not yet been chosen.

Veronica Grey is the perfect Actress who comes with much beauty and talent to the beautiful, magical enchanting animated fairytale as she carries in her heart and soul much dedication and will be the oracle that delivers her part as well as she does in real life which is evident with every thing she does.

Veronica Grey has appeared on television more than 55 times in 3 years, interviewed for her work as an environmental activist, award winning new media filmmaker, critically acclaimed author, inventor, and modern day muse who has inspired more songs to be written than anyone else alive by such bands as The Smashing Pumpkins, MGMT, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Coldplay, and Erasure just to name a few. If you want to know more about this multi-talent, check out
She is about to debut a rockumentary about Daniel Ash, iconic musician of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, and Tones on Tail fame. Her current environmental documentary is free to view on that website and stars Leonardo DiCaprio in an effort to salvage the Earth. Associate produced by Alexandria Altman.

Oh yes as if that weren’t enough, she is also the world’s most televised lifestyle surfer known as The Surf Lady.

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