Veronicas at Brisbane City Hall

The Veronicas gave an outstanding performance at Brisbane City Hall.

Zeena Juskevics ad Ang Stevens

Dylan Gospel and Angela Taylor

James Arnold and Jessica Storer

Joseph Origliasso and Jennifer Gilroy

Katrina Myers, Melissa Bartlett and Michelle Cook

Rosie Kelt, Dolly Hampstead, Laura Shepherd, Brieanna Jean and S

Tommy Tseng and Kelly×373.jpeg” alt=”Kelly Debeno, Taneisha Deen-Fisher and Stacey Jeffrey-Hannam” width=”560″ height=”373″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-13556″ />

Lae Kennedy and Amy-Lee Trotter

Lauren Chiapetta and Alicia Vandenbergh

Leese Collins and Sarah Moore

Melanie Ratsep and Margus Ratsep

Rachel Gaunt and Elkie Gibson

Richard Weyer and Christina Weyer

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