Village Roadshow Theme Parks Supports SIP Week

Village Roadshow Theme Parks is pledging support to the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation’s annual SIP (Spinal Injury Project) Week campaign.

Running from 3rd – 9th September 2018, SIP Week aligns with Australia’s official Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week and encourages everyday Australians to drink all their beverages through a straw for one week, just like quadriplegics must do each day without the use of their arms.
Village Roadshow Theme Parks General Manager of Marketing, Renee Soutar joined Perry Cross at Movie World to commence the park’s SIP Week pledges to raise awareness and money.
“We are extremely proud to support this great initiative which is a campaign close to us here at Village Roadshow Theme Parks,” she said.

“I thought it was only fitting that we would create the SIP Selfie costume and get the donation process underway here at Movie World today.
“Throughout the remainder of the week our team at Movie World and Sea World will be engaging with guests and encouraging them to support the SIP campaign with guests who take their best SIP Selfies going in the draw to win the ultimate theme park holiday.
“In addition to introducing biodegradable straws at our parks, we are also encouraging guests to use reusable sipper-cups throughout the campaign.”

Perry Cross from the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation said, “Every day in Australia, a life is changed forever through the devastation of paralysis and while SIP Week is all about raising awareness and funds for a cure, it’s just as much about giving people a very small insight into life as a quadriplegic, where every single drink – hot or cold, even a beer or wine – must be sipped through a straw.

“This year is particularly exciting as we are on the cusp of reaching another exciting milestone in a cure towards paralysis, by way of a rehabilitation feasibility trial ahead of our planned human clinical trial in 2020, and an injection of funds through SIP Week could really propel that.

“Sipping is a small task for some, but is a big one for others and by joining SIP Week, you’re also saying to those living life in a chair that you’re here for them. It’s a chance for the community to show a united front and stand up for those who can’t.”
For more information on SIP Week and to get involved visit

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