School holiday road trippers reminded to drive safely

Queenslanders excited to be planning a road trip during the upcoming school holidays have been urged to make safety their top priority.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said highways around the state would be busier as holiday-makers set voyage during the break.

“Queensland’s road toll is the worst we’ve seen in a decade, and sadly the behaviours which contribute to the number of lives lost and serious injuries on our roads are all avoidable,” Mr Bailey said.

“Speeding, running red lights and failing to wear seatbelts are all major contributors to our road toll.

“When there are more people on the roads, all racing to be with family or friends, we often see a spike in this dangerous behaviour.

“To encourage safer driving and deter these risky behaviours, those who choose to do the wrong thing will face significantly higher penalties for some high-risk offences from July 1.

“I make no apologies for being tough on reckless behaviour that endangers every single user of the road.”

Mr Bailey said the penalty increase would hit drivers where it hurt – their wallet.

“Running a red light will now incur a $575 fine and drivers will continue to receive three demerit points for this offence,” he said.

“Penalties for speeding will also rise, with high range speeding now costing you up to a hefty $1,653 and eight demerit points.

“We’ve already seen nearly 30,000 people caught not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing one properly, which is why this offence will also see a significant increase to $1078 and an uplift in demerit points.

“Images released recently showed just how little drivers care about their own lives but not even securing themselves or passengers in properly.

“I am so disappointed to see children unsecured in the front seat, and even a baby on the lap of a passenger – I dread to think what would happen should an accident occur.

“The message is simple – if you don’t want to be penalised, do the right thing on our roads,” he said.

A public education campaign, Anywhere Anytime, started last month (May) to warn and inform the public about the impending penalty increases.

Mr Bailey also reminded holiday-makers to be courteous when behind the wheel and to follow at a safe distance.

“The aim is for everyone to get to their holiday destination and arrive back home safely,” he said.

Some simple tips to stay safe over the holiday break:

Slow down, stay safe and drive to the conditions.
Take a break every two hours.
Make sure you always buckle up and check your passengers too.
Don’t drink and drive. Save the drinks for when you get there.
Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone
Plan ahead and locate rest areas or driver reviver sites along your route.
“Make no mistake, cameras and police are everywhere – you will be caught, anywhere anytime,” Mr Bailey said.

Penalty increases from 1 July 2022.


Km over speed limit

Previous fine

New fine

Demerit points




1 demerit point




3 demerit points




4 demerit points




6 demerit points

40km/h and over



8 demerit points, and an automatic 6-month licence suspension.

**Double demerit points apply for a second or subsequent offence committed within one year of the previous offence (for speeding offences 21km/hr and above).


Previous fine

New fine

Previous demerit points

New demerit points



3 demerit points

4 demerit points

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