What’s On – Queensland Museum Network April 2019


NASA – A Human Adventure
Now Open

NASA – A Human Adventure is a thrilling journey through humankind’s exploration of space. Come face to face with NASA’s remarkable achievements in human space flights and space exploration – the greatest adventure that humans have ever undertaken.. Discover the exciting history of rocket science and space flight, and learn about some of the most extraordinary accomplishments in space technology.

NASA – A Human Adventure is the most comprehensive and extensive touring space flight exhibition in the world. Featuring an extraordinary collection of more than 250 historically significant artefacts from the United States and Soviet Union space programs. The objects on display include original space flown objects, high fidelity replicas and scale models.

For more information visit www.space.qm.qld.gov.au

Level 2 & 3, Queensland Museum
Adult: $21
Concession: $18
Heath Car Card Holder: $10 (Card Required)
Child (5-15 years): $12
Family (2A + 2C): $58
Children under 5: Free

Discovery Centre
Now Open

Within the Discovery Centre thousands of objects, animals and fossils are at your fingertips!
You can observe and take part in a vast array of activities at different times of the year, whether it’s seeing our snakes and spiders being fed or helping sort through our stick insect frass to find their eggs. You can handle skulls, fossils, turtle shells, giant burrowing cockroaches or items from the First World War. Meet Museum experts and find out more about the role of curators, scientists, taxidermists and collection managers.
Ask questions of specialist staff and bring objects in for identification and hear some extraordinary stories and facts with the Discovery Centre team having a special focus every day.

Level 4, Queensland Museum

Anzac Legacy Gallery

Queensland Museum’s Anzac Legacy Gallery is a new permanent exhibition that explores the First World War and its legacies in Queensland. Using two key themes of Queensland at War and Queensland Remembers, the gallery uses a mixture of significant objects, authentic replicas and the latest 3D technology and animation to bring these evocative stories to life.

At the heart of the gallery is an experiential encounter with one of Australia’s, and the world’s, most significant and dramatic war relics — the A7V Sturmpanzerwagen armoured assault vehicle, Mephisto.

Level 1, Queensland Museum

SparkLab Sciencentre

Ignite your imagination in SparkLab, our new Sciencentre experience where you’ll be free to follow your curiosity and bring out your inner scientist as you question, investigate and wonder about the world around you.
Explore 40 interactive exhibits across three zones and discover how science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) affect your everyday world.

Level 1, Queensland Museum
Adult: $15.50
Concession: $13.50
Child (5-15 years): $12.50
Family (2A + 2C): $46
Children under 5: Free
MyMuseum Members: Free

Wild State

Queensland is a wild state, full of unique animals and habitats.
Wild State gallery takes visitors through five breathtaking environments — the arid outback, iconic eucalypt forest, tropical rainforest, sun-drenched coastal zones and teeming marine environments.
The gallery highlights the extreme beauty, yet fragile state of each environment. It explores how we, the human race, need to protect and preserve our precious natural world for future generations.

Level 4, Queensland Museum
Cost: Free


After Dark
Saturday, 4 May 2019

May the Fourth be with you.
Star Wars Fans grab your lightsabers and explore all the Museum has to offer including access to the blockbuster exhibition NASA — A Human Adventure. Enjoy expert talks, science demonstrations and displays, live music and entertainment.
This is a special International Star Wars Day themed event which will include Star Wars Origami – make your own X wing fighter, explore the scientific errors of Star Wards movies, talks on Star Wars Science and roving costumed characters.
There will also be expert talks, live music, roving entertainment, Discovery Pop-ups and get up close to some wildlife.
Tickets: Adults: $24; MyMuseum Member: $21
This is an 18+ event.
To book visit www.qm.qld.gov.au

Spacecraft Workshops
April 9 – 12 and April 15-18

Can you design a spacecraft to hover above the surface of an alien world? Build and test your paper design in our flight tunnels that simulate the turbulence of a hostile planet. Explore the STEM principles around flight, design and engineering through hands on interaction with paper-based design.
Drop in activity between 10am and 2pm
Level 4, Queensland Museum.

The Workshops Rail Museum
North Street, North Ipswich
Phone: 07 3432 5100


Opens 6 April

Unleash your inner scientist at the new Sciencentre.
Follow your curiosity, ask questions, test your ideas and use your imagination in this fun and experience-rich environment.
Find out more about the science behind train travel, challenge your friends, solve puzzles and learn how science is a part of the things we do every day. Explore the world of science through play with over 20 interactive stations including:
Entry to Sciencentre is free with Museum admission. Visit as much as you like in one year by purchasing an Annual Pass.

Cost: Included with museum entry. Adult $14.50, Concession $12.50, Child (ages 3 to 15) $11.50 and Family (2 adults + 2 children) $44.50

Visit theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au for more information.

Glass Plates & Rail Justice
Extended until 19 May 2019

Over its more than 150-year history, The Queensland Railways have taken thousands of photographs of everything from cracked bridges to crocodiles.
Drawing on the extensive collections held by the Queensland Museum Network the exhibition investigates the ways Queensland Rail used photography, from documenting rolling stock to capturing spectacular scenery.
It also tells the relatively unknown story of the Railway Appeal Board. This board was set up to pass judgments on matters where staff were charged with misconduct, as well as allowing staff to appeal against decisions they thought were unfair.

Cost: Included with museum entry. Adult $14.50, Concession $12.50, Child (ages 3 to 15) $11.50 and Family (2 adults + 2 children) $44.50

Visit theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au for more information.


Big Blue Blocks
Opens 6 April

Get building, engineering and inventing with one of the most popular activities ever hosted at the Museum. Children will enjoy an endless variety of play patterns including construction, pretend play, role-playing and creating their own games. Most importantly, they will be deeply engaged, active and have hours of fun!

Cost: Included with Museum entry
Visit theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au for more information.

Little Nippers
Every Thursday at 9.45am (except school holidays)

New! Little Nippers is the Museum’s playgroup for 2–6 year olds. Each Thursday from 9.45am learn through story, rhyme, dance, song and creative activities (excludes school holidays).
Visit theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au for more information.

Anzac Day Service
25 April, 7.15am
Come to the War Memorial at The Workshops Rail Museum and join hundreds of locals to pay respect to all the Australians who made the supreme sacrifice. Lest We Forget.

Please note: all exhibits at The Workshops Rail Museum are closed on ANZAC Day.

Cobb+Co Museum
27 Lindsay Street, Toowoomba
Phone: 07 4659 4900


Bush Mechanics: The Exhibition
Now open

Based on the popular ABC television series co-created by David Batty and Francis Jupurrurla Kelly, and told through the show’s distinctive brand of humour, this exhibition showcases the ingenuity of outback mechanics whose clever resourcefulness can turn branches, spinifex and sand into tools and spare parts to get cars back on the road.
Bush Mechanics: The Exhibition features a range of items from the series, including two original cars, clay figurines, specially commissioned artwork and interactive displays, it also provides broader insights into Aboriginal life and culture.
Admission to the Museum is FREE for residents of the Toowoomba Regional Council region with proof of residency.
Other visitors: Adult $12.50, Concession $10, Child (ages 3 to 15) $6.50, Family (1 adult + 3 children) $25, Family (2 adults + 4 children) $32
Visit www.cobbandco.qm.qld.gov.au or phone 07 4659 4900

On now
When dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, some fascinating animals did survive — many of them giants. These huge reptiles and marsupials, called ‘megafauna’, roamed the countryside right here on Queensland’s Darling Downs where their remains have been found at more than 50 sites. Go back to the Pleistocene epoch on the Downs, from 1.8 million to around 10,000 years ago, and take a look at some remains of these bizarre creatures.

Cost: Included with entry to museum. Admission is FREE for residents of the Toowoomba Regional Council region with proof of residency
Adult $12.50, Concession $10, Child (ages 3 to 15) $6.50, Family (1 adult + 3 children) $25, Family (2 adults + 4 children) $32

Visit www.cobbandco.qm.qld.gov.au or phone 07 4659 4900


Hands on Workshops

Discover your inner artisan at one of our renowned Hands on Workshops.
Experience the satisfaction of learning a traditional skill and creating something beautiful and functional by hand. Classes are small to ensure you receive all the assistance you need to complete the project from our expert artisans. Plus you will enjoy delicious refreshments prepared in Cobb’s Coffee Shop.

Choose your workshop and book online now or contact Cobb+Co Museum on 07 4659 4900.

Wildlife Rangers
April 8 – 12 and April 15-18
Live Shows at 10.30am and 12noon
See mammals, marsupials, reptiles and more as they arrive at the Museum for the autumn school holiday program Wildlife Rangers!
Thanks to the team at Geckoes Wildlife, Wildlife Rangers will let you get up close and personal to some of Australia’s favourite animals as we learn all about their day to day lives.
Please note: 10.30am show best for ages 3-7, 12noon show best for ages 8-12, however all ages are welcome to attend either show.
Cost: $10 per child and includes photo opportunities

Museum of Tropical Queensland
70-102 Flinders Street East, Townsville
Phone: 07 4726 0600


Natural Curiosity: Discovering the secrets of Queensland’s Greatest Collection
Opens 6 April

A new exhibition showcasing Queensland Museum Network’s vast specimen collection, past scientific discoveries and vital future research opens at Museum of Tropical Queensland on Saturday 6 April 2019.
Natural Curiosity: Discovering the secrets of Queensland’s greatest collections is set to provide visitors with an insight into Queensland Museum’s biodiversity collections and why they play such an important role in preserving the natural world for future generations.

The exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the many research areas of the museum including our areas of expertise of marine, corals and palaeontology and showcases items from their iconic collections including animal skulls, preserved skeletons, study skins and fossilized bones, dinosaur tracks and teeth.

Cost: Included in Museum entry

Now open

Unleash your inner scientist the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s new permanent gallery, Sciencentre promises a discovery-zone with plenty of fun where people of all ages can get hands-on with more than 20 interactive exhibits and find out how science challenges the human body, exercises the brain and stimulates the senses. Kids can explore the world of science through play, follow their curiosity, ask questions, test ideas and use their imagination in this exciting, interactive and experience-rich environment.
The exhibition invites visitors to challenge their friends, solve puzzles and learn about how science is a part of the things they do every day.

Cost: Included in Museum entry

Hard Labour for Sweet Fields
Now Open

North Queensland is renowned for its sugar growing. This new community exhibition developed in conjunction with Herbert River Museum, Halifax celebrates history of sugar in the Ingham region from 1868 until the present day.
This display take visitors through history, from when the first cane was planted and the establishment of sugar plantations, through labour force revolutions, development beyond World Wars, survival from natural predators and how it has become part of the billion dollar world-wide industry that it is today.
Cost: Included with admission

Pandora Gallery
Permanent exhibition

HMS Pandora was the British Royal Navy warship dispatched to the South Pacific in pursuit of the infamous Bounty mutineers. Today, the mutiny on the Bounty remains one of the best-known stories in the history of seafaring.
Few, however, know the epic story of the Pandora and the extraordinary efforts of the Royal Navy to recover the pirated Bounty and bring the mutineers to justice. Pandora remains as one of the most significant shipwrecks in the Southern Hemisphere.
Visitors will be captivated by the story of the ill-fated Pandora and should allow at least an hour to enjoy this intriguing exhibition.

Cost: Included in Museum entry


Museum Alive! School Holiday Program
Saturday, 6 April – Monday 22 April
9.30am – 3pm
The Museum of Tropical Queensland will come alive not only with the creepiest and crawliest, but the fun and the furry this Easter. Commencing Saturday 6 April, everyone is invited to get up close to some of Queensland’s creepiest and cutest creatures. Kids can join an expert to learn about (or even hold) some unique insects, participate in special creative activities and even have a munch on an edible bug or two!

Live animal highlights include Australian animals shows with Ranger Dan from Hands on Wildlife from Monday 8 – Friday 12 April. There will also be sessions with Far North Queensland insect experts Mini Beasts Wildlife when they present the most weird and wonderful creepy crawlies on stage from Monday 15 April until Thursday 18 April. Families can work together to create creatures for the Insect Highway, and even paint their own pet ‘bug’ rocks to take home.

The Museum is closed on Good Friday, but resumes regular operating hours over the Easter long weekend.

Cost: Included with Museum entry
Courtesy Queensland Museum photo

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