Two great releases that are poppy and great to hit the dance floor on and sign up for and be on the DJ sets. INDIIA with Single of Love and Tiggs Da Author with Work It Out.

Swedish producer duo INDIIA release their debut single ‘Out Of Love’
· The duo studied, lived and are managed by Neiked and where masks as a statement of not feeling the need to be judged for anything other than their music
· Out Of Love was released in June, where it reached #6 on the Aus Spotify Viral Charts
· Out Of Love has accumulated over 4.M Spotify streams worldwide!
· Check out the official audio for Out Of Love HERE!

· TIGGS DA AUTHOR returns with infectious new single WORK IT OUT
· WORK IT OUT combines TIGGS’ unique, signature sound with unmistakeable beat of Caesars’ classic ‘Jerk It Out’
· WORK IT OUT was born from TIGGS’ cover of the original track going off at his energetic live shows this summer!
· TIGGS’ debut EP Glenville Grove was released in Nov last year, and has amassed a combined 2.7M streams on Spotify!
· Check out the official music video for WORK IT OUT HERE!

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