Wheels Magazine celebrates 70th anniversary

Aussie car lovers rejoice: it’s a full-throttle celebration of motoring’s past, present and future

Wheels Magazine. It’s a name as instantly recognisable to car-loving Australians as Holden or Ford…and has been part of our motoring history and lexicon since the family’s first FX Holden pulled up in the driveway.

Now, to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Wheels is unveiling the ultimate celebration of our motoring industry: a three-issue, three-month print and digital exploration of the past, present and future of the global automotive industry.

Andy Enright

“For Wheels magazine’s 70th, we wanted to do something a bit more ambitious than the usual retrospective,” said Editor, Andy Enright. “We’ve created a three-issue collectors’ piece that starts with a tribute to the automotive heritage of Australia, brings us to the present by answering four of the biggest new-car comparison questions of 2023, and completes the trilogy with a look at where the car is going.

“We plot a line across the three issues to a future that promises more change – and faster – than any period in the history of the automobile. Strap in. It’s going to be exciting.”

The Past Issue (on sale now) celebrates the cars that have made the biggest mark on Wheels Magazine across the ages: the innovators, the big sellers, and the charismatic heroes. This special retrospective edition of the magazine sees a panel of experts assembled to settle on the greatest cars of the last 70 years across seven segments.

“The categories range from supercars to 4x4s, hot hatches, sedans, and even the trusty ute,” said Andy. “While some of the choices will be popular, there are some inclusions that could well spark a bit of debate. Everyone’s going to have an opinion on our top 10s, and there are a few notable exclusions. There is an Aussie slant to some of the choices and we make no excuses for that. But I’m not about to issue any spoilers right here!”

The Present Issue (on sale 3 July) will serve up a treat for in-market buyers as Wheels answers a range of the biggest comparison questions of 2023 – pitching some of 2023’s most significant new models against the current benchmarks in their respective key vehicle segments.

In the Future Edition (on sale 31 July), Wheels dusts off its crystal ball to reveal and predict the Next Big Things in Automotive. With a focus on emerging fuel technologies, cutting-edge designs, and ground-breaking concepts, Wheels will curate a collection of stories that showcases the boldest visions, the most promising advancements, and the forthcoming vehicles that are set to redefine the driving experience and shape the future of mobility.

This will be the most definitive look at the next generation of potential game-changing vehicles, and the major trends set to reshape the car industry for consumers in the decades to come.

“We’ll unveil the automotive models of tomorrow: the Tesla Cybertruck, MG Cyberster, Lamborghini Revuelto, and more,” said Andy. “We’re also exploring the potential saviour of the internal combustion engine: e-fuel that is being developed by Porsche and very exciting news for petrolheads.”

Enright says the 70th anniversary issues will reach Wheels’ loyal and far-reaching print and online audiences.

“Wheels Magazine reaches 207,000 automotive-content-hungry readers every month. Beyond the print title, WhichCar.com.au,our digital shop front for car buyers and owners, reaches north of 1.5 million people a month and will celebrate the Wheels 70th anniversary online with months of anniversary content.”

CEO Christian Clark wheels media group

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