The tents are up, the forecast is spectacular, the site is abuzz with hundreds of volunteers and Woodford is preparing for what is expected to be a huge 2013/14 festival. The only thing missing is the thousands of patrons who will stream through the gates in less than a week, and over 2000 artists and presenters who will take the stage at one of the 28 venues.

With 28 years of impressive history under its belt, Woodford Folk Festival organizers still challenge themselves to keep changing and keep improving.

“We know that if we aren’t masters of change, we will be the victim of it. If something was right last year, good chance it will be wrong this year. 2013 has been a year to really push the envelope with fresh projects and new ideas”, said Festival Director, Bill Hauritz.

Spectacular Bamboo Tunnel

A spectacular new feature on site is a specially commissioned tunnel entrance to the Amphitheatre, perfectly crafted from bamboo and local materials by Taiwanese master sculptor, Wang Wen-Chih. Many of the performances will take place in the Amphitheatre against the backdrop of this spectacular installation, designed to create a place of peaceful reflection, blending into the Woodfordia landscape.

In a joint project with Cave Urban, and architect, Nici Long, Wang Wen-Chih has been building with a team of 30 people for the last two weeks to create a 100 metre bamboo tunnel and tower in the final stages of the walk into the festival’s largest venue.

The world renowned artist and his team are building the entire structure out of bamboo poles that have been split into four pieces by a device Wen-Chih himself created.

Organisers hope the installation, entitled “Woven Sky” will stand for three years and become a symbol of inspired transition.

New watering holes for the festival

Another major project on-site has been the development of bar spaces which will come to life this year with exquisite themes and décor. The new home of cider, The Orchard Bar, has been designed and constructed by Steve Argo, to resemble a giant apple crate, opened up with a farmer’s market beer garden.

New sponsors, Cooper’s will be constructing an Australian backyard beer garden in the new Cooper’s Bar, and a giant barn will form the home of the new Brewed & Crafted Bar, home to some curious flavours.

The eclectic Bill’s Bar will not disappoint and the newly inspired Bohemia Bar is expected to be another thirst quenching pit-stop with its flamboyant vaudeville nightclub vibe.

For more information on the festival ticket pricing and camping options please visit www.woodfordfolkfestival.com

Top 5 Things to Bring – By Festival Director Bill Hauritz

For the un-initiated Woodfordians getting the packing list right is half the battle, but being well prepared will mean a smooth and happy festival.

· THINGS TO STAY COOL: With fun sunny days on the weather line-up, it’s promising to be beautiful one day and a little warm the next. Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, a water bottle and sunscreen. May we suggest a fan, water spray bottle, parasol, or sarong for the shoulders (doubling as a picnic mat and late night scarf) to breeze through the festival, cool as a cucumber.

· THINGS TO STAY WARM: Balmy days do not always lead to balmy nights. The mercury has been known to dip, and if a quick storm blows over to settle the dust, don’t be caught out cold and wet. Not a bad idea to throw in a poncho, a cardigan and your loudest pair of gumboots, just to be on the safe side.

· A SENSE OF ADVENTURE: Our arms and gates are wide open to every Woodfordian, from all walks of life. The diversity that wanders our streets is truly astonishing. So whoever you are, and wherever you come from, make a new friend and try something new… a craft workshop, belly dance, join a singing lesson, juggle, play ‘The Game’, fight for Slam Poet domination, stay up for the Dawn Ceremony on January 1, make a lantern, meet a monster, or debunk those mystery bus myths. Be whatever you want to be. We’re gonna love you anyway.

· THE WOODFORDIAN ATTITUDE: Woodfordia is an amazing community of people working together to create, have a blast and make connections. And at the end of it all… we want you to head back to reality happier, healthier and braced for an amazing new year. We’d love all Woodfordians to share, respect, recycle, participate and go home full of magical stories and treasured memories.

· A GOOD FESTIVAL HOME: If you’re planning to camp on-site make sure you’ve got what you need to be safe, comfortable and dry. There are only so many couches to crash on at the Pineapple Lounge, and it will make your stay all the more pleasant if you’re prepared. We’re not talking about the kitchen sink… but a decent tent, a few changes of clothes, and a soft spot to catch your breath and your ZZZZs. Dancing like crazy is more taxing than you think.

Notes on arrival

A lot of cars are expected to queue before the festival gates officially open for season campers at 2pm on Christmas Day. Festival Organisers are asking patrons not to block the roadways and to stay cool, calm and hydrated.

Don’t forget, for day trippers there’s always the Woodford Express Bus Service direct from Nambour, Maroochydore or Caloundra. For further information and tickets, please visit: www.woodfordfolkfestival.com/woodfordexpress

Festival Director, Bill Hauritz says: “The most important thing is that the patrons have safe and happy journeys to the festival. The roads will be busy but we’re not going anywhere. Take your time.”

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