In a giant leap for the global cinema industry, Event Cinemas, Australia and New Zealand’s largest cinema chain, have chosen Interstellar Digital Cinema’s DCP delivery service for their cinema network.

Interstellar Digital Cinema, alongside their trusted technology partner, have developed a world first, Dual Transponder Satellite service set to transform the distribution of Film and Long Form content to cinemas. The service distributes file content at twice the speed of any other network currently available in the world right now, taking average speed of delivery for a 300Gb file to under six hours.

Although single transponder Satellite has been utilised for some time in many global territories, the Dual Transponder service represents significant progress for Feature delivery technology. This service offers a robust, consistent and reliable delivery, with 100% coverage service for both Distributors and Exhibitors. The technology is a crucial solution to the myriad of complications posed by physical DCP delivery in the Asia Pacific region. The technology will initially launch across Australia and New Zealand with future plans to extend into Asia.

The secure system is fully compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) industry specification and has been fully embraced by Event Cinemas as a huge step forward for content delivery.
Event Cinemas’ Director of Entertainment, Luke Mackey says: “Event Cinemas is always looking to innovate and deliver best in industry technology. Today, Satellite delivery of feature length content is a reality and we trust Interstellar Digital Cinema in conjunction with Edge Content and Technology to deliver studio DCP content to our vast circuit in both Australia and New Zealand. Interstellar are a proven delivery platform and after 18 months of testing and refinement, we are now ready to join their satellite delivery network. At Event, we are ready to embrace the future and we look forward to working with Interstellar to make this a reality.”

27/4 exclusive availability for Interstellar Digital Cinema, the powerful Dual Transponder will bring Australia and New Zealand to the forefront on the world stage. Offering a critical service in a territory where geographical challenges hamper physical transportation and internet delivery. The system ensures all cinemas receive content simultaneously, includes full tracking and monitoring capabilities. Content owners retain total control to transmit to Cinemas and publish to TMS/LMS when they choose.

Peter Skillman, Director and CEO, Shooting Star Company Group says, ‘Dramatically improving the efficiencies and economies of delivery of DCP’s throughout Australia and New Zealand is now a reality. Designing a bespoke Digital delivery system in conjunction with Distributors and Exhibitors alike was our intention and we have achieved exactly what we set out to do. Our various company divisions have been working with Exhibition and Distribution for over 20 years and are known and trusted. You must be here to fully grasp the geographical complexity of this territory and the challenges we all face with physical delivery. It’s time.”
Australia and New Zealand are still years away from a nationwide consistent and reliable internet based DCP delivery service. The Interstellar Digital Cinema infrastructure is equipped to switch from satellite to internet or fibre when that time comes.

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