World Premiere BananaLand Is Outrageously Funny To The Point Of Genius Theatre

Written by Keir Nuttall
Composed by Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall
Directed by Simon Phillips
Oct 1st Qpac

Max McKenna as Ruby Semblance
Georgina Hopson as Karen Semblance
Maxwell Simon as Ex
Joe Kalou as Seb Kale
Dave Eastgate as Ron Delbridge
Amber McMahon as Mimsi Borogroves, Jessie Jam Jar, Witney Walkman and others
Chris Ryan as Stephen King, Wade Sewage, Pikelets the Cat and others
Mark Hill standby/swing
Erika Naddei standby/swing

Music Supervision, Orchestrations & Arrangements James Dobinson
Production & Costume Designer Simone Romaniuk
Costume Supervisor Karen Blinco
Sound Designers Joy Weng & Terry McKibbin

My whole self went into a dive of Joy, and laughter, that was pure brilliant entertainment at the opening of ‘BannaLand’ to what has to be one of the most refreshing stage shows I have seen in years. The energy in the theatre was electric and seeing everyone later in the foyer with smiles on their faces was glorious. This is a true testament to the creatives Keir Nuttall, and Kate Miller-Heidke and delightful to see this happen for them. To the mix is the International musical master head of the likes of Simon Phillips, and no wonder this is also a showstopper as it is like ticktock on the stage and the production value is up there.

The entire cast is outstanding, the voices incredible, the writing and one lines are so clever, and as they say in showbiz it’s all about timing and out of the pandemic comes magic like this that gets created by Nuttall who worked on this with musical Queen of our Queensland home-grown talent Miller -Heidke.

The basis of the show is Meet Ruby Semblance, a 21-year-old idealist. She believes in art, music and angry choreography. Ruby is the lead singer/songwriter of Kitty Litter. Not Kitty Litter ‘the band’ mind you – according to Ruby, an ‘Onstage Conceptual Art / Music Oriented Happening.’

If that sounds unappealing, you are right. Kitty Litter have been together for four years, played five hundred shows, and have one fan. One.

One fateful day Kitty Litter takes the stage to be greeted by a sold-out audience… of small children. It turns out their furious protest song Bananaland has accidentally become a runaway kids hit.

Is Kitty Litter destined to become the next Wiggles? Spoiler: yes! And it’s our total delight as the audience to witness them rail against this destiny. Do they allow themselves to be consumed with the notion of ‘selling out’ or do they buy into their accidental ‘kids’ band’ fame?

Their journey is a rollercoaster romp full of heart, music, comedy, pathos and lovable characters.

BANANALAND will only last til October 1st.

Caroline Russo

credit images to photographer Darren Thomas.

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