Premieres and Q&A screenings nationally of “FLYWAYS” will follow 
to shine a light on species endangered by proposed development

The filmmakers from Storyland, in conjunction with BirdLife Australia and distributor Antidote Films, will hold the World Premiere of award-winning Director Randall Wood’s new film “Flyways – The Untold Story of Migratory Shorebirds” on May 6 at the Majestic Cinema in Wynnum.

‘Flyways’ follows teams of scientists and amateur bird enthusiasts across the world, as they join forces to track shorebirds during their epic, annual migrations. Flying non-stop from the Southern Hemisphere to the Arctic to breed—and then navigating unerringly back home again—shorebirds face increasing threats to their survival from ever-expanding human development and are in serious decline.

The $1.3 billion proposed development at Toondah will destroy 42 hectares of protected wetlands, a Ramsar site officially under the protection of both the Commonwealth and State Governments.  

“These unique waterways were protected, under our signatory, in 1975 to the international Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, yet the former Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg actually progressed plans for the Walker Corporation, owned by Lang Walker, to dredge the Ramsar-listed wetlands at Toondah Harbour to make way for 3,600 luxury residences and a marina,” said Wood.

Director, writer, and cinematographer Wood says that ‘Flyways’ revels in the beauty and wonder of migratory shorebirds and seeks to answer questions: What routes do the birds take? How do they navigate such mind-boggling distances? How are they able to stay aloft for nine days without stopping to refuel?

His visually stunning and insightful film, narrated by award-winning Australian actress Mia Wasikowska, follows three main migratory shorebirds–the Eastern Curlew, the Bar-tailed Godwit, and the Red Knot– in their magical journeys north via ancient migration routes.

Will they find enough food to start the journey? Will there be enough drinking water on the way given the state of climate change and extreme drought? Can the film crew and scientists get access to Siberia amidst hostilities between Russia and Ukraine?

‘Flyways’ follows three teams and the charismatic scientists who lead them: Dr. Richard Fuller from the Fuller Lab in Queensland, Australia; Nathan Senner and Jennifer Linscott from the Senner Lab in the USA and Chile; and Dr. Jan van Gils from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.

“Shorebirds, the wayfarers, are truly the most exquisite species on the planet. On their epic journeys shorebirds tell us so much about ourselves, our world, and our quest for a better future. The film will feature the deep and enduring connection humans have with these wild creatures, their ethereal song, the vibrancy and hope they bring to our lives,” said Wood.

This extraordinary cinema experience will debut at the World Premiere on May 6 and screen in other states and territories as follows:

SATURDAY MAY 6 – World Premiere featuring Q&A with Randall Wood & BirdLife Australia at Majestic Cinemas Wynnum, Queensland. Tickets here.
SUNDAY MAY 7 – Brisbane Premiere – featuring Q&A with Randall Wood & BirdLife Australia at New Farm Cinemas. Tickets here.
TUESDAY MAY 9 – Sydney Premiere featuring Q&A with Randall Wood at the Cremorne Orpheum. Tickets here.
WEDNESDAY MAY 10 – Q&A Screening with Randall Wood at Dendy Cinema Newtown. Tickets here.
THURSDAY MAY 11 – Q&A Screening with Randall Wood at Randwick Ritz Cinema. Tickets here.
FRIDAY, MAY 12 – Victorian Premiere at Cinema Nova, Carlton. Tickets here.
SATURDAY MAY 13 – Q&A Screening at Cameo Cinema, Belgrave. Tickets here.
SUNDAY MAY 14 – Q&A Screening at Lido Cinema Hawthorn, Victoria. Tickets here.
TUESDAY MAY 16 – ACT Premiere featuring Q&A at Dendy Cinema Canberra. Tickets here.
WEDNESDAY MAY 17 – Pivotonian Cinema Geelong. Tickets here.
FRIDAY MAY 19 – West Australian Premiere featuring Q&A with Randall Wood at Luna Cinema Leederville. Tickets here.
SUNDAY MAY 21 – South Australian Premiere featuring Q&A with Randall Wood at Palace Nova Cinema. Tickets here.
SATURDAY MAY 27 – Tasmania Premiere at State Cinema Hobart. Tickets here.

“Flyways – The Untold Story of Migratory Shorebirds” is a Storyland and Screen Australia presentation in association with Screen Queensland, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, ZED and PTS Taiwan, of a Randall Wood film.

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