Exposing Author’s Rape & Addition – Proves Hope Always Prevails

Dark, disturbing yet ultimately full of hope, Robyn Hennessy’s ‘Worthless’ cuts to the core of the author’s life as a victim of sexual abuse, former addict and sufferer of harrowing depression. Having been raped at the age of ten, Hennessy has now lived over a decade with some of the world’s most aggressive demons. But she has finally found happiness; an unlikely transition she wants to share with other victims in the hope that they too will find light at the end of the tunnel.

Up until the age of nine, Robyn Hennessy and her identical twin sister lived a life most would define as “normal”. But what started off as an undiagnosed eating disorder was about to unravel as a decade-long ordeal that nobody deserves to endure. Sadly, Hennessy had a front-row seat to her own version of hell.

Sexual abuse suddenly turned to rape, guilt led to addiction and everything embroiled Hennessy in a state of depression that made her life barely worth living. Hence the title of her compelling new memoir – ‘Worthless’.

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It’s never the drug itself that triggers the rush you get, that already inside you…. But the drug stimulates an uncontrollable release of serotonin and endorphins, causing you to feel a surreal happiness you never thought possible. It’s only when the drug wears off and all the doors slam shut, that you remember what it is to be alone, struggling to survive in a life so worthless. You don’t see anything but darkness, even when you detach yourself from your body and become the spirit watching over it. You need to disconnect because it is the only way you can escape, from a reality that has nothing left for you anymore. My name is Robyn and I was raped when I was ten years old. This is the true story of my life long battle with depression and how, after years of abuse and addiction, I finally found happiness in my search for better life.

“By the age of fifteen I was a victim of abuse, hooked on cocaine and meth, and was known to just about every police officer in my local area,” explains Hennessey. “A childhood is supposed to be about carefree fun, not already being put in a place where you feel that life isn’t worth living. Sadly, that frame of mind is how I lived for almost the next decade. This book divulges that entire story, capturing what it can of the innocence and beauty of childhood that I was able to experience.”

Continuing, “It will strike a chord with anyone who has lived through the wrath of abuse, addiction, depression, self-harm and a host of other afflictions. I want these people to realize that they will never be alone, and that life can turn itself around. Believe me, I spent most of my formative years in the opinion that my only prospect was to end it all. Now I live a life of happiness that I never expected. I hope my story empowers others to seek the same outcome.”

Worthless’ is due for release on 7th October, with availability from Amazon and Waterstones. It will also be available as an e-book.

About the Author:
The author is twenty years-old, and an identical twin. She lives in Surrey.
Hennessy has battled depression her entire life, and is now committed to helping other sufferers fight their demons.

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