The X Factor is Back For 2016!

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After the end of last year’s ITV series, there were rumours that The X Factor was not continuing this year as viewing figures had dropped by 2 million. However, the nation has breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that indeed, the show is back for 2016! This year’s panel boasts a wealth of music experts and familiar faces that have adorned the stage before, with founder Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger as the judges.

The X Factor Success

The X Factor was created by Simon Cowell with the first series being broadcasted in the UK in 2004, closely following the popular show Pop Idol. Since then it has become a worldwide franchise and now a popular TV show in many countries. The likes of Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke have all been discovered on the UK show, consequently becoming successful album-selling artists with the first prize being a record contract with a major label. It gives recognition and fame to artists and bands who may have struggled to be heard, and with luck it opens up a door to their music career. The show has not only had worldwide success on screen, but has also become a massive merchandise brand in its own right –  including educational software for kids, clothing ranges for fans, home karaoke machines, a scratchcard game with a £150,000 jackpot and the ever popular board games for the family. The ITV show in its entirety has raked in millions, especially from the TV advertising during the series. Indeed, Louisa Johnson, the winner from 2015, is set to earn a cool 10 million from her album sales this year.

Cheryl Cole

Much to Simon’s disappointment, in April this year Cheryl Cole was reported to have quit the show, stating: “I have had such an amazing experience being a judge on The X Factor. I have learnt so much and enjoyed nurturing talent but I’ve missed making music and am excited to be recording again. I want to thank everybody I have worked with along the way, especially Simon who I love to bits. I hope the show continues to produce stars and I wish them all the best.” Simon gave a reassuring response saying that he understood Cheryl’s reasons and her passion for allocating more time for her own music was completely plausible.
The auditions for 2016
Auditions all over the country for this year’s show were held in April and May, with producers searching all over for strong contenders to be put forward to the judges. The show has eight open auditions in cities throughout the UK, where applicants queue to take the stage. Successful contestants will then have the opportunity to appear in front of the judges to give it their best shot for the show. Auditions are usually carried out in a smaller conference room, making it a more intimate venue for the artists and the judges. The TV series is reported to begin at the end of August

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Primetime Viewing
Let’s face it, Saturday nights would not be the same without The X Factor. Whether we call in and vote for our favourite singer or not, the nation loves the show and it still seems to be one of the most rated UK series, even 12 years on. It is the perfect family entertainment, offers a few laughs and is great Saturday night viewing. Keep up to date with The X Factor news for 2016…

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